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    Bass Drum Control: Best Seller for More Than 50 Years! with online audio
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    "Where was this book when I was growing up?" - By Charles Justice
    Rip Van Winkle here. I've been asleep for almost fifty years and this here book "Bass Drum Control" by Colin Bailey has woken me up. OK, first printing of this book is in 1964, about two years before I started drum lessons. If only I had seen this book back then, but then I was never consistent with lessons or practice, so there were fifty years of slumbers.

    After giving this book a whirl starting about three weeks ago my technique has gone through the roof. I even pulled something in my back from trying too hard on one of the exercises. Don't worry, Bailey has good advice on technique. Use the "sweet spot" 3 1/2" down from the top of the pedal. Only lift your heel about 1/4 - 1/2" when you are going for speed, otherwise keep your heel down. Always ... full review

  • "most comfortable boot ever!" - By Jacquelyn A. Mitchell
    I have never been a fan of high boots, so if you are like me, you will absolutely adore this boot. It is soft and comfortable and keeps your feet warm. It is easy to slip into even without undoing the button. The gray color is a lovely shade, not too light or dark.

  • "One of the best of its kind!" - By Reluctant Consumer (Here, no here, now here)
    I bought a number of these books and found most of them provide very basic info already known by probably all but the newest internet user. This book goes deeper. It identifies less well known threats to your privacy and safety and provides good methods for mitigating data loss and device intrusions. I know this as I have previously found this info out and tried out the methods. The book is written in an easy to read and follow format to allows newer users to understand the issues and follow mitigation steps, but without alienating the more advanced user. Lots of valuable information and an easy read. Well Done!

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    UGG Australia Bailey Button Boot Aster Size 7
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    "Nice boots" - By Mommy80
    First time buying Ugg! After reading a review about this not being original/genuine UGG boots, I went to the UGG Australia website and they have a couple of clues on how to detect whether or not you're buying the real thing. I check my boots and this ones have the 3D Logo tag next to the size/product tag inside the left boot,so far seems like this are the real ones. Also the box has a 3D sticker next to the size sticker, again seems like they're real. It would be terrible to find out this are counterfeit.I did enter the seller name on the UGG Australia website to find out whether or not they're authorized retailers, AMAZON it is but the seller is not. I read a review about this boots being made in China not Australia and my boots say Fabrique in Chine and state genuine sheepskin. I just ... full review

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    Parker & Bailey Kitchen Cabinet Cream 8oz
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    "Outstanding product" - By Bill Bradshaw (San Diego, CA USA)
    This stuff really works. It's easy to apply and remove, cleans cabinets so they look new and leaves no residue. My wife bought several more bottles and gave them as gifts to our daughter and daughter-in-law

  • "Floors look great" - By Aurora LeBrun
    I purchased this product while searching for the brand's wood cleaner and polisher which is excellent. I figure this would be as good as the other product, and it is. Hardwood floors look great, shiny and no film.

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    Magnum 02MB164 Bailey Ziel 3-Piece Throwing Knife Set, Steel
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    "Expensive for a Reason" - By doofus
    I've had my Zeil for more than a year and have been throwing it into an oak target, it's never broke - not once- the edges are dull for a reason that's so you keep from cutting your thumb to the bone, and some times depending on your distance to target you need to throw it blade first. It's more expensive because it's not a "ninja" aluminum fancy black spray painted piece of junk. It's balanced and once YOU get used to the weight it will stick every time. You get what you pay for. And if you want a sharpedged throwing knife you need to look in the hunting knife section, or keep watching the movies, because that not how a real throwing knive is designed. I am buying this knife again, it works doggone good at any distance, take it from some one who's actually ... full review

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    Sings Porgy & Bess And Other Gershwin Me
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    "Pearl the jazz singer." - By old soldier
    Give Pearl another listen. Pearl Bailey's voice, musicality and beauty were always undervalued. this album helps correct the first two.

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    Adventures of Bailey: The Lost Puppy
    Adventures of Bailey: The Lost Puppy
    Amazon Video ~ Rick Shew
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    "Great if your kids loves the Buddies movies" - By 3boymama
    My kids love the Disney Buddies movies and so they liked this one as well but this one has more cool animals. Simple plot for kids to latch onto. My 5 year old was glued to the TV but my 3 year was not really interested. I loved the bear cat and the sneak attacks. It's a free kids movie so I was pleased.