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  • "i love it" - By person
    this app is amazeing and fun i personly dont like tower games but this is super fun also you fight bos buns

  • "Good interactive story" - By Tak 30s
    This game is not for everyone. It's very simple and there is no "gaming' element to it. You simply follow the story as it progresses. But it's a good story, and made me want to play it all in one sitting.

  • "Five Stars" - By Byron Young

  • "Worth all the money." - By hunbaar
    I was very excited when they announced the title and who works to make this world realize. A fan of Salvatore, this was a day 1 buy for me ... until I watched the development videos, the comments of developers were all focusing on the combat and were not even talking about what make this a RPG, I remember hearing things like "look at this move it looks awesome" from the mouths of the developers. I cannot tell you how irritating that was as if they are forcing me to like this game and treating us those who enjoyed the books of Salvatore as 15 years old action junkies.
    Anyway, after playing the demo and watching diaries of the art department I was sold again, and I am happy to announce that I am content with my purchase!

    The game looks nice, even my wife who has no idea ... full review

  • "Why this game is better then the PS1 version" - By Stephan Overholser
    I think this game is a great RPG Maker for the PC, because it has a lot more to select from to make an 80's style of an RPG game, I do like how RPG Make is for the PS1 but you don't have much to stuff to Select to make an RPG game like RPG Maker XP

  • "it was everything I wanted" - By LE
    This game system is awesome you can play games that never get released in th US and still play your american DS games

  • "Fun, Fast, but just a "game"" - By Joshua M. Rodriguez (The Nentir Vale)
    This thing is fun to use! You can create games for your friends and family! I doubt you can actually get people to buy your game! There are thousands out there for free created with RPG Maker! But I didn't buy it to make money! I bought it to make games and have fun! which I do :)

  • "A Great Follow Up to Super Mario RPG" - By Nick (Florida)
    When I first started playing the game, I was a little disappointed with the graphics in comparison to other games on the Wii. After a few hours of play, I didn't really notice the quality of the graphics. The game isn't really challenging but is a great escape if you are in the mood for some mindless fun.

  • "Dungeon Defenders, A AMAZING little game, Perfection!" - By D. Beisheim
    Dungeon Defenders is fantastic, it is truly one of the most addictive and fun games around right now. I found myself LAN'ing it with a group of friends for almost twenty four hours straight. It is simple in its implementation but the large amount of activity generated by constant rummaging for better gear and the upgrading of weapons, armor and pets in order to maximize your characters ability to hit stuff or its towers ability to hit stuff is just overall incredibly satisfying. The only thing this game could possibly have to make it better are the 2 extra characters unlocked that they are planning on releasing. If your considering parting with the small amount of money this game will set you back, don't even worry about it. You will be glad you bought the game.

  • "Gem of a game." - By astroboy (CA)
    Love this game. Not from a big name publisher but has plenty of gameplay. Its standard turn based game so its not groundbreaking. But its fun and addictive. Definitely worth the price - especially with the lack of games on the vita. Seems perfect for portable game play.