Introducing Portable Media Centers

Have fun with more of your digital entertainment.

Windows Mobile™-based Portable Media Centers are handheld entertainment devices that make it easy to store and play recorded TV, movies, home videos, music and photos transferred from a PC with Windows® XP - so you can enjoy to your favorite entertainment anytime and anywhere you want.

More music, more choices.

Take your entire Windows Media® Player music library with you, including all your favorite songs, artist and track information, playlists, ratings and even album art. The Windows Media audio formats provide unmatched quality at smaller file sizes so you can take more of your favorite music with you--up to 5000 songs.* Support for Windows Media offers access to the widest selection of music and video download services on the Internet.

Every TV show you've ever quoted.

Portable Media Centers will let you do more than play music. Move TV shows recorded using Windows® XP Media Center Edition or with Windows XP-based TV tuner cards to watch up to 80 hours of TV on the road. Store up to 175 hours of recorded TV.* That lets you take every single episode of "The Simpsons," from its 1988 premiere through the 2003 season, with you wherever you go. You can even connect to a TV or entertainment center to watch videos with friends and family.

Sync up and play, pause and replay your favorite videos and television shows.

Every movie you've ever loved.

Now you can take up to 80 hours of your favorite movies with you, wherever you go, whether they are recorded on your Windows® XP PC, downloaded from the Internet or created yourself using a digital video camera*. Windows Media Player makes it easy to sync content with your Portable Media Center – either automatically or just what and when you choose.

Every photo you've ever taken.

Do you ever notice how most of your digital pictures end up stored away on your computer and you never get around to printing them out? Now you can take the tens of thousands of pictures stored on your PC with you to share with friends and family wherever you are – even displaying them in a slideshow set to music. Portable Media Centers makes accessing and viewing your favorite photos and slideshows easier than ever.

* Assumes 20 GB Hard Drive with all disk drive space dedicated to either video, audio or pictures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are Portable Media Centers?

A: Windows Mobile™-based Portable Media Centers are handheld devices that play recorded TV, movies, home videos, music and photos transferred from a PC with Windows® XP.

Q: What can I play on a Portable Media Center?

A: Portable Media Centers play more than just music. You can also play video such as TV shows recorded on your PC, home video and movies downloaded from the internet, and view digital photos anywhere and anytime.

Q: What types of files will Portable Media Centers play?

These devices will play video, music and pictures that are transferred from a PC running Windows XP. The devices will playback Windows Media Video, Windows Media Audio, MP3 and JPG and are compatible with other file types including MPEG, MPEG2, DVR-MS, ASF, WAV and MIDI.

Q: How do I get my music, videos and pictures onto the device?

A: The devices connect to the PC using a USB 2.0 cable. Music, video and pictures are transferred from your PC using Windows Media Player 10. If the files are not in a format or size that the device can recognize then Windows Media Player 10 will automatically convert the files listed above (see 'What types of files will Portable Media Centers play?') into a format that will play on the device.

Who will make Portable Media Centers?

Creative Labs, iRiver, and Samsung have all announced that they will be making Portable Media Centers.

Q: What PC operating system do I need to have in order to use a Portable Media Center?

A: Portable Media Centers will work with any version of Windows XP, including Windows XP Home Edition, Windows XP Professional Edition and Windows XP Tablet PC Edition. Because of its TV recording capabilities, a PC with Windows XP Media Center Edition is recommended.

Q: How much entertainment can I put onto my Portable Media Center?

A: Our hardware partners are developing Portable Media Centers with storage capacity of 20 GB. With a 20 GB hard drive you can hold up to 80 hours of video, up to 5,000 songs or tens of thousands of pictures.*

Q: What is the difference between a Portable Media Center and an MP3 player?

A: MP3 Players let you take your music from your PC with you. Portable Media Centers let you take you all of your entertainment with you on the go - music from your computer plus media information such as album art, content ratings and playlists as well as digital video and pictures.

Q: Where do I get content to put onto my Portable Media Center?

A: Windows Media Player will transfer files that are already on your PC to your device, ensuring that the files are automatically converted to a format and size that the device will recognize (see 'What types of files will Portable Media Centers play?'). This includes music copied from a CD, pictures from a digital camera, home movies from a digital video camera, TV shows recorded using a Media Center PC or other personal video recorder applications and videos downloaded from the Internet. In addition, Portable Media Centers will play premium downloaded digital music and video from services including, CinemaNow and Napster.

Q: How long will it take to get music, pictures and video onto my device?

A: The amount of time it takes to transfer your entertainment from your PC to the Portable Media Center is dependent on a number of different factors including the speed of your processor, what type of USB support your PC has and if the file you are trying to transfer needs to be converted to a format that your device will recognize. Generally you will be able to transfer:
· A two hour movie recorded at 500 Kbps in two minutes
· A one hour album recorded at 128 Kbps in under 25 seconds (assumes one hour of music, an album of 15 4-minute songs each at 128 Kbps)
· A 50 KB picture in approximately one second

Q: Can I connect my PMC to a TV or stereo?

A: Yes, content stored on your Portable Media Center can be projected to a TV, car or home stereo using the device's audio-video out options and a composite video cable. The devices will support both NTSC (United States) and PAL (Europe and Asia) TV output settings.

* Assumes 20 GB Hard Drive with all disk drive space dedicated to either video, audio or pictures.