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what is with these hugh price differences?? Why the big jump in price there Amazon and Wizard Entertainment???????? This retails for $20 at fisher and you can get it for that at target or walmart. Don't buy from amazon!!!! What a joke. It seems like everything sold on amazon isn't actually sold by amazon anymore. Shame on you amazon.
the cookie puzzle is discontinued and therefore now there is only one or two for sale on the whole internet. do you know how big the internet is? so, why would anyone sell it for $15? haven't you heard of supply and demand? People shouldn't go to jail over these prices, that's just silly to even say. If you don't have the money to pay those prices noone is forcing you to. But someone will come along who has the money and will pay $155 for an item that is NO WHERE else to be found and they will be happy to have found the last one on the internet & the seller will be happy too. As far as the learning puppy goes when it's all dried up and sold out everywhere, there will be plenty of people who won't blink at paying crazy prices just to have it. You don't have to be that person but there's no need to judge the people who sell it or the people who will pay those prices and are happy to have it at all!