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Has anyone had an issue with this? Bought the B60 today. Primed it, while priming it blew a circuit in my kitchen, couldn't believe it! Plugged it in in another room, worked fine but it still dimmed the lights in there! Has anyone else had these issues or do I just need to re-wire my house? Only sort of kidding! The house was built in 1997 so I'm fairly certain the wiring is okay...thanks in advance!
Your circuits may be overloaded. As the other person noted you have to make sure there are no other high draw items on the same circuit running at the same time. If this unit draws 12.5 amps you could use several more amps in addition safely but not a toaster or other high draw item running on the same line. Simple way to find out what is on the same line is cut off the one that tripped and go around and see what has the power cut off to it.

While you are at the breaker box, look at the amperage of the breaker you cut off. It should be a 20 amp breaker, if it is 15 then there might be your problem. Whatever you do, do not put a bigger breaker in there, just note the size and subtract 12.5 for the coffee maker and then you have the allowance for the rest of the items you want to run at the same time. If you have a 15 amp breaker you can only run 300 watts if you have a 20 amp breaker the limit is only about 900 watts.

When the pump primes the heater element is running at the same time and quickly heats a cup of water to 192 degrees, According to Keurig this MAX draw is 1500 watts. (1500w/120v=12.5amps) Water tank reheat cycle is only 200-400 watts and idle is ~60 watts, again all information directly from If you attempted to run even a small microwave then you had about a 20 amp draw from those two items alone. Dishwasher takes a lot of power 700 watts to 1400 on heat cycle. Toaster is about 1000 watts.

Add the watts if you can not find the amp draw on each device and divide by your volts (typically 120v).

One last thing to note is the high electricity draw is VERY short lived. Leaving the unit on (I do for about 12 hours a day) is convenient for me and on average uses about the same electricity as a small light bulb. It does draw a lot of juice on startup every day (It is suppose to) you just have to make sure you don't have other high draw items running at the same time on the same line.

You post is a very valid one, I hope I helped clear up your questions and have offered some assistance.