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I must have accidently set it forward more than I wanted. I like to keep my clock set ahead by 8-10 minutes.

And Im sure I set it for something like that.

However, now its running about 16 minutes fast. Does anyone know how to adjust it ?

Not blaming the unit, I probably did it.

Im overall happy with it. It automatically retains the time after power outages and adjusts itself twice a year when the time changes. I cant find the instructions.

Thanks for your help !
You've probably figured it out by now (or thrown it in the garbage), but you manually set the clock and date by:
To change the setting manually, follow the procedure from step 1.
1 Press CLOCK for more than 2 seconds.
You will hear a beep and the year will start to flash in the display.
2 Press + or - until the correct year appears in the display.
3 Press CLOCK.
4 Repeat steps 2 and 3 to set the month, day and time.
After setting the time, two short beeps sound and the clock starts from 0 seconds.
* Pressing and holding + or - changes the year, month or day rapidly.
When setting the current time, time changes rapidly by 1 minute-increments up to 10 minutes, and then by 10 minute-increments.
* While setting the clock, you must perform each step within 65 seconds, or the clock setting mode will be cancelled.

The instructions can be found at: