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I was wanting something to round out my order with Amazon last week, ya know, to get the free shipping deal. I found what looked like a perfect item. Baby Einstein's Takealong Tunes. I was looking at the product info and found a statement that said something to the effect of they are required to notify the consumer of Proposition 65 (this was a link). I clicked on the link and it took me another statement that said something like the product contains a chemical known to the state of California to cause cancer or repoductive harm. I couldn't believe it! I emailed Baby Einstein and they forwarded my email to the maker of the toy and I got back this response:

I want to assure you that Kids II products are safe. Our products are latex free and paint materials are non-toxic. Our products meet and pass necessary requirements for phthalates, PVC's and BPA's. In addition to the tests that are performed by both U.S. and International standards, we also perform testing and go through extra safety procedures with parents and children within our local area. Not only do our products meet the requirements they are also certified by the accredited independent laboratories mentioned with Intertek and Bureau Veritas. In being a private company I hope that you will understand that we are unable to provide specific details on the materials within the products. However in being parents ourselves, we want to share the same confidence with you that we have in allowing our children to play with our products.

In other words...they refused to tell me exactly what the warning was pertaining to! I wrote back for further clarification and haven't received a response. Today, about a week and a half later and they have now REMOVED the link to the warning!!! What's going on? Is this toxic or isn't it???

Any info would be appreciated! Thanks.

As a grandmother of a child who came into this world with a brain tumor that took her life just before the age of 3, I would question and research all possible toxin risks. Nadine is obviously trying to do her job extremely well, which I applaud. However overly cautious you may feel she is, I feel your "sinister plot" comment & suggestion of removing all electronic items was not necessary and frankly a bit sarcastic and offensive. She was trying to determine if it was an external toxin that could be ingested, therefore the electronic equipment is not items a child usually puts in their mouths....