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How Many Of You Have Removed The Rubber Gasket due to the smell some are complaining about ?

Also does removing the rubber gasket cause the lid to not seal properly and does steam escape because the rubber gasket is removed ?

Thanks for your time !
Just as follow up, the lid from which I'd removed the stinky rubber gasket, did end up in the dump. The rubber gasket of the replacement lid that Hamilton Beach sent me does not stink, so the problem is that Hamilton Beach has lids with gaskets that stink and lids with gaskets that don't stink; they are possibly using two or more suppliers for their lids - or haven't properly specified the rubber gasket material to be used. Looking at the overall quality of the Slow Cooker, which is less than impressive, I can be fairly certain in the future that if it has the name Hamilton Beach on it, I won't buy it.