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Pls take a look. Sometimes,I see list price of a Canon 5D markII with lens for $1900. Is this real or scam? Should I trust these sellor? I have lots of faith on Amazon, am I protected if I buy these items?
Thanks for the help.

you should have contacted me before will receive a refund because i can not use the usual credit card payment, due the fact i can not receive international funds to credit.the next step will be to send me your full name and shipp adress to start the new order throught Amazon.
After i will start the new order you will be contactd by Amazon abouth the payment method and shipping detaills.
Thank you
subject: A-to-Z Guarantee

Greetings from ,

Your seller is unable to use the usual credit card payment, due the fact he can not receive international funds to credit card. That is why we asked for a Money Gram MoneyTransfer. This order is covered by Amazon's "A-to-z Safe Buying Guarantee Program", this transaction is safe. Once we receive your payment details, we will notice the seller to start the delivery process. Please note we will not release the payment details to the seller, only after you will contact us to confirm us you have received, inspected, and agree to keep the item.

You have to send the payment to :

Bogdan Radu
Stefanesti #26
Valcea 245700

*Money Gram applies additional taxes when the money is sent for business. To protect you from extra charges do not tell Money Gram agent that the money is for business, just say the money is for a family friend.

You can make online payment:

*Once the payment has been placed you can reply this email with the payment details (and send a scanned receipt from Money Gram).

Thank you for shopping with us.
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