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This guy had the camera body listed yesterday for $1422 + $6 shipping - too good to be true, yes? I e-mailed him for more details, at which point the listing vanished from Amazon but he assured me the camera was still available. Today I received what appeared to be an e-mail from Amazon asking for payment to be sent by MoneyGram to someone in Crete, even though the item was to be shipped from someone in Illinois. Contacted; they verified the e-mail was bogus. Be on the lookout for Kevin Qiu using the e-mail address
Since "Kevin" listed an address at a residence hall at the University of Illinois I sent an e-mail to the campus police. They actually contacted me and asked for the e-mails with full header info, which I sent. They've been more responsive than Amazon at this point. BTW, I reported 2 more EOS 5D body scams today - both have been removed.

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