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I've seen teleconverters for some Canon IS lenses but have heard that some won't fit the 55-250mm Canon zoom lens. Is there a 1.5x or 2x teleconverter out there for this zoom lens?

I just picked up a Rebel T1i and accessorized it with this particular zoom. Am going to the Alps this fall and want more telephoto power without having to spring several hundred $'s for something more powerful. A teleconverter would suffice.
Thanks a million, Tech.

I cut teeth on a Pentax K1000. My zoom lens went up to 200/250mm. When I needed a long range I used what would be similar to an Opteka 500mm telephoto cannon lens. If you have a steady hand and can pan well you can get action shots with it. I have some amazing Air Force Thunderbird and Navy Blue Angels shots (when they visited Chas. Air Force base back in the day).

I was hoping a teleconverter would get me close to this strength of magnification while keeping AF. An Opteka 500mm MF might be a cheap solution to getting to power I need. I'm just not sure if, with the megapixels the Canon can pump, the shots would be acceptable.

Thanks for your time.