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I've had a Garmin 405cx for about a year. It seems to have died. I have tried resetting it per other posts and in the past it worked. I've charged it in the clip....looks like it charging and then won't turn on. I have tried updating software, connecting it to my computer and resetting. In the past these thing worked. I really like this product by my 305 lasted three years. Can a battery die after a won't turn on at all...any ideas. Given the price it should work more than a year.
I've had the 405CX for three weeks. After about 10 runs it has died. Reviewed problem on the web and found several threads with similar problems and results. Emailed Garmin and didn't hear anything back for more than 3 days. After calling Garmin and waiting for 35 minutes the rep told me withing 30 seconds I have to send the watch in to "swap it out". No response from Garmin online about this problem but this rep sure wasn't surprised. Are you kidding? ... return to Amazon. Not impressed with this over hyped product and lack of support from Garmin.