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Many have reported in the reviews of crashing & freezing while trying to update the maps & register. Some said to update the firmware first. Others say to remove the extra voices. Many are having problems.

For those who've done this process, how did you activate the lifetime maps & install the current map without crashing, getting errors or freezing the GPS?

Most say they finally got it to work but not *how* they did it and what they did wrong to start with.

More specifics or tips please. The large number of updaters reporting errors is a bit frightening.
I received mine today and haven't had any problems with it so far. I charged it up a for an hour or so before hand just to make sure it stayed on. Connected it to the computer and installed TomTom Home. First, I recommend before upgrading anything, to make a backup of all the original files to your computer NOT using TomTom Home, but Explorer.

I then deleted the extra voices and activated the lifetime maps update, then I downloaded the new map. Haven't tried it out yet, but didn't have any memory problems or things like that with it and have over 100 MB free. I recommend this for everyone that buys any TomTom, go to and you can find out how to install everything correctly and won't run into the problems quite a few seem to have, I used it for this information.