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Had 2004 office with no problems, using mainly Word, Excel, and Power Point. Just bought MAC OS X Lion and it doesn't support Office 2004. Reviews of 2011 note stability problems. Would Office 2008 do the job for me and would Lion support it ( My MacBoork Pro is Intel dual core}
I never would have "upgraded" to Lion if I had known my thousands of Word documents going back to 2004 would become inaccessible. I have spent weeks trying to work around this problem. I bought Pages (a five step process to open a document, and a not very intuitive word processor and another five step process to send it as a Word document) and am disappointed. Now I find that even if I spend $120 for Office 2011 and install it on my Mac with Lion, I still have a problem. Uninstall Lion and reinstall Snow Leopard? Are you kidding? How about a $20 Rosetta app from Apple so I can read my last eight years of documents.