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I am solely trying to get mdeium action sport photos to turn out but the subject is always blurry to almost non recognition and sometimes the surroundings or back drop of the pic is more in focus then my son. Anyone with experience in this problem and possibly with this camera assist me in providing a few settings to try? Greatly appreciate it. I found it odd there was no action or sport mode in the pre defined settings, I thought this was a standard normal slection on all camers. Found out it is not on this one I guess....
Due to inherent limitations and slowness of focus in any point-and-shoot camera, you have to plan the shot very carefully and practice a lot to be able to shoot moving subject with this type of camera. You have to learn about and learn to work around the limitation of the point-and-shoot cameras. In contrast to SLRs, they don't have dedicated focus processors and many of them focus using the image produced by the main imaging sensor. This is less than desirable and is very limiting for moving subjects. The sport mode will simply increase the shutter speed and possibly ISO to "freeze the motioin", it will not cause the camera to focus more quickly. Also, if you are shooting sports in-doors, it may present another challenge as focusing in low light is especially hard for pont-and-shoot cameras.

If you are really serious about photographing your son's sporting events and just kids in motion, I would strongly suggest saving up for a while and stepping up to a digital SLR. The focusing speed will amaze you, and the number of good quality (in focus, properly exposed) shots that you will end up with will be so much higher, it will make investment in SLR worth every penny.

If you are really not into SLR for one reason or the other, I suggest you read and understand the techniques involved in shooting fast moving subjects as well as technology behind focusing in point-and-shoot cameras. Then you will understand the limiting factors and will be able to work around them. It will be a lot more work for you than with SLR, but you will be able to do that.