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I have never had anything but regular point and shoot digital cameras, and decided to upgrade. I researched a lot and decided to preorder this camera based on what I'm getting for the price. I have been patiently waiting for it to be released and shipped! I am more of a beginner when it comes to photography and won't be doing any professional shoots or anything like that. I just want good zoom and high quality pictures that aren't grainy. Do you think this is the camera for me?
I purchased this camera from HSN a few hours ago: the price was $259.95 + 9.95 S&H. However, it is now listed on their website as Sold Out and they are not taking orders. I read the descriptions
of the S4000/ S4000A and they seem they same, the only difference is the release date. Kate, Fuji cameras have an excellent reputation and this one can be used like a basic point/shoot or with manual settings, depending on your skills. So it seems it would be a good camera for a novice who is willing to put a little time into learning how to get the best results. What really sold me was that incredible OPTICAL zoom of 24-720!