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I'm new to the SLR world and trying to figure out the difference between the T3i and T3. Any help is appreciated.
I researched & decided to buy the T3i and return the T3. In my research, I noticed the pixel number of the LCD screen is much higher on the T3i, and the LCD screen moves out & at angles like a video camera. The T3i has more "bells & whistles" but ther main differences are the LCD screen and the full-HD 1080p video (+ the ability to use remote strobes without an adapter, and some other nice features). But right now there is a $300. difference in street price between the two. I've used the T3 for a couple of weeks now & it's a nice camera. I bought the T3 at Sam's Club for $749. + tax with a 55-250mm telephoto lens (and the 18-55 EF-S lens, a case, a 4 gb card & battery). But the telephoto was not an image-stabilized lens (just an EF, not EF-S). I think Canon had too many of these non-stabilized lenses so they made a package for Sam's Club. Anyway they are getting it back. I bought the T3i out-of-state to save almost $90. in sales taxes.