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Can anyone confirm that the Actiontec GT784WN will work with AT&T's ADSL2+ IP DSLAM U-verse service? Modems that formerly worked with AT&T's ADSL2 PPPoE high-speed DSL service were rendered obsolete, (or at least in need of a firmware upgrade), with AT&T's U-verse service which utilizes Direct IP to setup an Internet connection. My own modem, a 2wire 1800HG, suffered this fate. It worked flawlessly for seven years with AT&T's high-speed DSL service which uses PPPoE. Now with U-verse and Direct IP/DHCP, it will establish DSL synch and setup an ATM circuit, but it fails to connect to AT&T's IP server even with the correct U-verse parameters, (0/35), and 2wire keycode for DHCP connections. It clearly needs a firmware upgrade even though ADSL2+ is backward compatible with ADSL. Obviously, the Actiontec GT784WN will not work where AT&T U-verse service demands VDSL2, but with the right firmware, it should support ADSL2+ U-verse. Does anyone know for sure that the unit's firmware works with Direct IP/DHCP U-verse? Simply saying that it works with AT&T's DSL service does not answer the question as AT&T still offers PPPoE-based DSL service.
does this modem/router work with cable services or just dsl? sorry for the ignorant question, but i find this confusing. if this is not compatible with cable services (i use charter) does anyone know of a combination modem/router that is compatible with my charter service that is made by actiontec (they seem to make a good product) or another company?