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I was thinking about getting a copy of Windows for my iMac (i5 quad core). Are there any issues with using OEM versions with the current version of Boot Camp?
I just installed it with bootcamp on my iMac. No big problems. Needed to use a wired mouse during the install. Also it had me format the bootcamp partition before the install, very quick (just followed the prompts).

After the install on the windows side. The magic mouse didn't seem like it was going to work, but took several seconds then it did. There was no sound and the resolution looked terrible. Needed to install the drivers for the sound card and video card... these are on the Mac OS disk (just pop it in and run it on the Windows side and follow the prompts). Everything is running smooth and looking good. I installed a few windows programs (which was what I had wanted Windows for (a few programs I run that don't have mac versions)).

This is a fresh install so no problems that I can see at this point. No significant install troubles.

My iMac now automatically boots Windows, press and hold the "alt/option" key during power up and you can select either Windows or Mac OS to use.