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does this have a sloat for simicard, will we also be able to use it has aphone
No the tablet cannot be used as a phone and has no sim card slot. However if you have a BlackBerry phone it connects to the tablet seamlessly through "BlackBerry Bridge" and most of the functions and data from your phone shows up on the tablet. You can text and BBM (BlackBerry Message) from the tablet. You can also surf the web using your phone's data plan when you don't have a wi fi connection. The faster your BlackBerry, the faster the internet connection. When BB10 phones come out the tablet will automatically be upgraded to 4G for free.
Although the tablet cannot be used as a phone it does alert you with an onscreen message that "so and so is calling", but you cannot answer the call from the tablet. Very handy if your phone is in another room and on vibrate and you don't hear it ringing (I speak from experience). Perhaps in the near future they will figure out a way for you to pick up the phone from the tablet like a speakerphone; probably not a big engineering feat. The tablet is really quite amazing.