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I have NOT been able to get CC on my TV using my new ROKU 2SX. Three contacts with ROKU Customer / Technical support has not solved the problem. Tried four different NetFlix movies (two which they had suggested) and still no CC. Rewired the ROKU directly to my TV using a Catagory 2 (3D capable) HDMI cable; the most direct feed possible (I normally have the signal routed through a Sony receiver for switching) and that did not help. Tech support stated that the movie (video) has to have the CC signal imbeded in a form that ROKU can decode. Apparently none of the four movies I used for testing had CC in that form (even though two were at their recommendation). It is important to note that the ROKU User Manual and Setup Instructions have not one sigle refence to CC. No clue how to turn them ON or OFF. My ROKU 2 was returned for refund. Frank J