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just got me roku 2 xds in today and hooked it up. it see's my router and fully connects through to the internet. says i need to update my software before continuing with setup. it makes it to 97% everytime then tells me it cant connect to roku, try again later code 011. called up tech support which is in india somewhere like normal and got to talk with "donald". Nice guy but didnt know a thing. he took me through all his paperwork he had in front of him and none of it worked. He wanted to conference in amazon and return the product but i told him i was willing to wait a day to see if trying again later would actually work. Anyone else have this problem?
I bought an extra Roku unit for travel because the radio ad at Christmastime suggested it, and now I'm at a hotel where the wireless signal is plenty strong and I can get the initial Roku screen plugging into the TV. The problem is I get the 011 error code because when connecting to the hotel's wireless, on a laptop you have to go to a visitor page and accept the terms and conditions. That's all, but is there a way with Roku that I can visit such a page to click the terms and move forward? I obviously can't play with the router's encryption, etc.