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Has anyone cancelled their satellite or cable subscription after buying the Roku. After getting my Roku and seeing what all it can offer, I am seriously condering cancelling satellite service. Just wanted to hear other people's experience.
I have both Comcast with cable internet and cable TV, not the package deal but separate. After installing Roku 2 xs I called Comcast to cancel the cable TV service. It was cheaper to have the internet plus the basic TV package than internet only, go figure. Anyway I'm saving about $60 per month with Roku! Roku don't have live news, Dr. Oz or any local stations, which the wife watches, but my basic cable TV service take care of that. Roku also does not have YouTube; there is a work around but awkward. Some of the channels are not reliable and lock up, and not useful but Roku has so many channels (over 350 for now) and many are great, free and HD quality - some are even full 1080p. Further its not possible to surf the web with Roku, but something like Logitech Revue would be able to access the internet on TV. Really for now, Roku has more great channels than I have time to watch.

You could obtain local stations with a good external antenna to complement Roku, but only you could decide if you could live without pay TV.