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Based on the specs i've been reading on the gadget blogs, i'm led to believe the nex-7 does NOT have a touch screen like the new nex-5n does. has it changed for the production model of the 7?? i really hope so. anyone?
There is nothing false about what I said. Beware Hassan has been spreading misleading information. He also has a NEX-5n, as do I. My NEX-5n is going to my wife, I am waiting for the NEX-7. As far as I know, the NEX-5n does not have an integrated EVF (electronic viewfinder), as he appears to think. Unfortunately, any readers of this now are going to need to research this stuff on your own at this point, since this user has now compromised the integrity of information here as he did on the NEX-5n threads.
I recommend to start, as they go over the details and press release of the NEX-7.