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I am an entry level photographer, looking mostly for a convenient / compact camera to use for vacations. I currently have a Canon SD780 which is an old point and shoot. Picture quality is not great compared to newer cameras. I'm now deciding between the S100 and the G12. The colors and quality of the G12 are phenomenal, however I do appreciate the smaller size of the S100. Ignoring other features like GPS and 1080P video, how does the picture quality compare across these two cameras? Is the S100 comparable to the G12, or significantly lower quality? This will help me better evaluate the trade-offs. Thanks
I am an amateur photographer myself and I have both the S95 and the G12. I purchased the G12 to replace my G7 that died. I absolutely LOVE the S95 (the S100 is the newer model) and hate the G12. The picture quality on the S95 is far superior. I take alot of action horse riding photos and the S95 does better. The G12 produces blurry, grainy (when zoomed in) photos. I also don't use all the bells and whistles of the G12. I wish I could purchase the G7-it was a fantastic camera-the G12 disappoints. I hope the S100 is as great as the S95 because I want another one! I hope this helps!