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What assessories should be bought for the canon a1300 camera?
There are a few accessories that are useful for a camera like the A1300. 1) case with a neck strap or belt loop can be useful, but the camera is small enough to carry in your pocket (which is why I bought it); 2) a SD or SDHC memory card is needed. 4 gig will probably give you more pictures than you can look at, but it's not a bad idea to carry any extra when you're traveling in case you fill your card or the card goes bad; 3) You can get a neck strap so the camera will hang from your neck; 4) a lens cloth and soft brush or blower are needed to clean the lens, although the lens is recessed and unlikely to get dirty from much beside the gunk in the air; and 5) GOOD ALKALINE OR RECHARGEABLE Batteries are a must as the camera, especially when using flash or movies, uses a lot of juice and it will power up between pictures faster with top of the line batteries. I believe Canon makes a waterproof case for underwater use, but the sensor on this camera probably would not give very good results underwater. Also a mini-tripod can be handy for when you want to be in the picture. Enjoy.