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Hello all, Over the years, I hce accumulated many games and applications for Android. My issue with this tablet is the 8GB of storage. Once I install many of my games (some of which take up 500MB or more), I run out of room quickly.

The device as shipped only has 4.3GB of free storage space. That seems pretty low and an 8GB device.

Anyway, my question is... Is there any way to use the memory card expansion as application storage? Or can it only be used for data/music/videos/etc?

No go for me if I can't move my apps to sd card. I was using a rooted LG Optimus V and was happy moving apps to sd card. It was indeed diappointing to find out that though I can use a 32 gb card, it is not for apps, but only for music, photos and video. This puppy is going back. I have a whole bunch of apps, that I want an option to be available to me. Sad indeed.