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Right now, one can get either the D3200 or the D5100 for the same price of $699. Of course, the D3200 is a newly announced product and won't be shipping for another few weeks. Perhaps it is too early to start this discussion, but I wanted to see what people's opinions are about which camera is the better buy.

The only differences I see at the moment are:

-Resolution: 24MP for D3200 vs 16MP for D5100
-Flip-out Swivel Screen: D3200 does not have it, the D5100 does
-Size: The D3200 is a tad smaller than the D5100
-Availability: D3200 is new and likely to be sold-out for several weeks, while Amazon has the D5100 in-stock now
am, i think you misunderstood keith's argument for a 24mp camera. he's saying with the extra mp you can crop more aggressively and maintain adequate resolution/detail, especially for those amateurs with shorter lenses. say someone has a d3200 and the kit lens (18-55mm) only, they take a photo of something far away at 55mm. with the extra mp that person can crop in aggressively and probably still get a decent image. i personally dont recommend that tactic, but i get what he's saying. he's not talking about printing at all. i'm not sure what you're upset about, but keith's comment was a valid point, in my opinion. and i think we're going to see lots of amateurs with high mp cameras soon, as the mp war escalates. i have no doubt canon will soon release a beginner camera in the 20mp range. i think the 20mp range will now be the standard, in another year or two, as nikon and canon update all their camera bodies. nothing we can do about it. i see your point high mp cameras wont do an amateur much good, but that's an argument to be making to canon and nikon.