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For the Canon T4i, how is the grip on the camera and are the controls hany and easy to use?
Compared to the camera that started my DSLR world, rebel xs, the grip on this one is much better there is rubber over grip area I haven't dropped it yet and I don't put the neck strap on my camera. As for the controls it doesn't take too long to figure out (if you've had a cannon DSLR before - if this is your first DSLR it could take you a while to tinker) the menu is MUCH more exstensive than the XS. but what you want to know is that most of the menu items are in the same places (file format, and picture options such as standard monochrome, etc.) the button layout is slightly different but not so wildly different you can't figure it out. The little camera icon button next to the view finder is the live view button! -hope this helps