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The Canon sx40hs has a bigger zoom and similar sensor, the FZ150 has some additional features like raw and faster burst, I wonder which camera has the better photo quality in regular light and low light. Ultimately photo quality may trump features for most of us. Which is really better? Anyone know?
I am a big fan of Panasonic cameras, currently own TZ5 and ZS7, I had FZ35 and FZ40 before. I just like the overall performance of the Panasonic cameras. They tend to have the most acceptable features and quality of photo&video bundle in one package. However I just bought the Canon SX40 today and I was impressed by the photo quality and overall performance, but I was really disappointed by the bad video - noisy zoom and pretty grainy in low light.
I am pretty sure the Panasonic will have much better video performance (from my experience with the panasonic cameras), but as far as photo (image quality) and other features, it's really subjective.
Good luck with either one you choose :)