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Has anyone done an extensive comparison between the Nikon D90 and the Canon 50D? I realize that technically they may not be in the same "class" of SLRs, but the Nikon's claims seem to put them on a relatively even keel when going by the specs.

I am trying to decide between the two and would appreciate everyone's thoughts. To me, it seems the colors seem more vibrant on the Canon -- but I can't tell if people have adjusted that in processing or not. Also, in the sample pics I've seen from different photo site reviews, the Nikon's D-lighting adjustment system seems to work exceptionally well, while the Canon's doesn't seem to make much of a difference.
You can read my text review of D90 here: .
I returned a week old Nikon D90 to get a Canon 50d. The reason was simple: D90 boasts many advanced features, but it lacked some basic tools needed for good imaging, e.g. the live view is a gimmick, it doesnt let you see exposure simulation AND the live view image at large zooms is extrapolated from smaller images, hard to get accurate focus assessment.

Hope that review helps.

Edit to add (1/28/09): I have since owned and reviewed a Canon 50d camera ( Remember: I am not a professional photographer. But I work in the field of imaging, and thus have a little practical sense of the end result quality. Despite the higher speed and better live-view and the lens autofocus micro0adjustment feature and the 3 extra mega pixels, the 50d failed to match with teh D90 I owned before it in terms if end result quality (ignoring any post processing.. somparing just out of the camera RAW results). I found the 50d to be more noisy as compared to the D90. I found myself going back to the D9 results to compare the 50d images more than often. My copy of 50d also gave me mount problems aith a brand new lens... I have since returned it and am very very happy with a D90.

I have tried three cameras then... and my personal winner is Nikon D90 now... its low light and high ISO performance is unbeatable in its category I think. No matter what lab tests say, D90 produced much cleaner images for the same shot settings than the Canon 50d.

Good luck!