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My response to a News Reporter from a major US newspaper

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Initial post: Sep 15, 2013 8:33:21 PM PDT
Last edited by the author on Sep 17, 2013 2:31:36 PM PDT
H. Chen says:
1) How I got involved?

I first knew about Ping Fu through Sir Harold Evans's interview. She told some bizarre tales there

When she described that she saw hundreds of babies tossed into the river alive, (3:60) I knew immediately that she was lying. Just common sense: what is the probability of her got invited to watch the murder of a stranger's own child? How about having that experience 100+ times in just two years? Even if that were true, given the road condition in China's countryside and the terrible means of transportation in early 1980s, what was the probability of her arriving there on time for the show? It is an insult to any reasonable person's intelligence to make up some stories like this.

Then I moved to Amazon and tried to read the "Click to Look inside" and found more bizarre tales. At the intro of the book:
-- On page 1 in Bend Not Break, the very first sentence of this book, she described her departure to the US: "WHEN I WAS twenty-five years old, the Chinese government quietly deported me. I was terrified to leave my homeland. But the alternative was exile to a remote place in China - or worse."

Really? I still remember how difficult it was to get a student visa to the US in late 1990s. (The quite street in front of US embassy Beijing was like a Justin Bieber concert line. People queue at 5 am every working day until noon outside of the building, rain or snow. I observed the same thing in Mexico City in mid 2000s)

But Ping Fu got deported to the US by Chinese government in early 1980s? Should all the undocumented workers from China just do something to upset the government? Why worth the hassle of paying smuggler (using loan of 40k to 60k) USD? Remember the Golden Venture story from 1997?
Immigrants at any education level would know immediately this is not true ( just by reading the intro) if they have been through a visa interview by US embassy and heard about something called 214(b) of US immigration Law.

Then more strange tales:
1. Finger-checking for menstrual blood for unmarried 20 year old female students for their potential second baby?
2. Her teacher being quartered by horses?
3. Sun Yat-sen's adoption of her grandfather?
4. Deng Xiaoping ordered her release from prison?
This list can go on and on...

What got me truly involved was Sir Harold Evan's article, calling the book critics "Agent of Communist China". Katie Baker wrote "The Book China Hates" Sir Evans and Katie Baker think themselves representing the "free" media, but they use the same tactic that authoritarian governments would use to silence all dissents.
I would have paid no attention if Fu and the publisher had labeled the book as fiction and no nasty labeling of the book critics.

2) Why am I still here after 6 months?

I will not repeat many reasons that you will probably read from the comments page of Didi Tatlow's blog ( or Amazon's book discussion board.

Many people there write better than I can articulate.

I would like to, however, emphasis one thing: "Fair Play", one of the reason why I voted with my feet and decided to stay in the USA . Our legislative bodies constantly design and modify laws to make this society more fair. For example, the Affirmation Action to raise level playing field for disadvantaged minorities, Marriage Equality Act for gay couples, Federal False Claim Act to protect whistler blowers, etc.

Ping Fu gained unfair advantage by fabricating her eye-catching life story, fabricating resume to obtain NSF grant and alleged lying to the federal government through her "First Marriage" in 1986. But no consequences, only praises?

Ping Fu's supporter frequently say "Ping Fu's book does not harm you". Not sure if you are a Yankee's fan, but in the world of baseball, Alex Rodriguez used steroids to gain unfair advantage and now faces the possibility of ban from the game for life. If this happens, New York Yankee, A Rod and his family , fans like me, will all lose. Why MLB would do that? Ping Fu supporters also say:" Ping Fu is successful". Many capable people apologized and stepped down for violating code of conducts, ranging from Eliot Spitzer to Scott Thompson. Why is Ping Fu so special?

Ping Fu scandal really challenged my understanding of the world around me. Did I paint a too rosy picture for this society? Many of the tales from Ping Fu' s book are not hard to detect with some critical thinking skill. Why so many smart and experienced people believe in these tales? However, it is not over till the fat lady sings, I am also in the process, just like you, learning and trying understand better.
I feel it is my social responsibility to participate in the debunk of Ping Fu's fabrication.

If she can lie so blatantly, people should be able to criticize her. In addition, there could be other fabrications and as it turned out, we are right.

Here is a compilation of Ping Fu's academic fraud from various websites. All facts based, only limited to falsely claimed degrees:

I am not upset about the whole event but feel the irony and occasionally find some amusement in the process. Here is a Virginia Tech Biology professor's review at Amazon:

Again, all common sense.

Lastly, I would like to quote two comments from my reading related to the event:
"In the past, when geographical and language barriers kept information from spreading, Fu would probably have got away with her fabrications without anybody noticing. However, with internet, it is increasingly difficult to make "I was big in America" or "I was big in China" claims that are untrue without public exposure. People leave digital trails that eventually lead the public to the truth." -- (This is the first ever article I read from ChinaDaily)
Chris , an Amazon book reviewer from Berkeley California, said it very well: "Fabricating suffering for personal gain is a true insult to those who did suffer."

Again, thank you for taking a more balanced approach to this Ping Fu scandal and feel free to ask any follow-up questions. My English is not perfect and I am trying very hard to get my thoughts through.

Posted on Sep 15, 2013 10:51:58 PM PDT
Nancy Chen says:
This is my response to a newspaper reporter's questions regarding the controversy over Ping Fu's memoir. I'd like to thank her for asking these questions and I am posting my email to her (with some personal information deleted) here as the general public may have the same questions.

How did you get involved in this effort?

I never heard the name of Ping Fu until her memoir Bend, Not Break: A Life in Two Worlds became the topic in Chinese media and I was subsequently attracted by a blog on Daily Kos which commented on her memoir. Since her stories are outrageously untrue to me who went through the same period in China, and she went to the same Suzhou University that my husband went to, I got really interested in this author and watched a few TV interviews which promote her book.

I was utterly shocked at her audacity to fool American hosts when she made claims such as 30 million baby girls went missing in China in four years (1978-1982). If this figure were correct, over 50% of the baby girls would have vanished based on data from CIA World Factbook. In total disbelief, I saw her saying in a very matter of fact manner that she witnessed with her own eyes hundreds of baby girls with fresh umbilical cords still attached being thrown into the river. What an insult to the intelligence of the TV host, I thought, as any normal people would know this kind of bizarre incident would have never happened (how many people can claim to have seen hundreds of new born babies in their lifetime? Let alone hundreds of new-born babies killed by their own parents in front of them).

My shock soon turned to pity for the PBS TV host Tavis Smiley when he aired a photo of Ping Fu smiling happily with a group of Red Guards under a typical Red Guard flag as an introduction of the Cultural Revolution in which Ping Fu was said to be persecuted by the Red Guard. Apparently Ping Fu took advantage of the fact that most American people do not read Chinese characters because "Red Guard Brigade" was clearly written in Chinese on the flag. Shortly afterwards, I read Ping Fu's clarification on Huffington Post, which actually raised more questions than answered them. There again, she took advantage of American people's inability to read Chinese to fool them. For example, she said the Red Guard photo was taken at the school she attended, but the Chinese characters in the background gave away the location as Linggu Temple, a tourist attraction in Nanjing. When she said her classmate's blog was consistent with what she has told in her memoir, the link actually leads to a Chinese blog in which her classmate calls her drama queen telling tall tales.

All these despicable tricks she played on American people made me feel very angry because I am sure, she, like all other Chinese international students back then, must have received a lot of kindness from American people when she came to America, yet she returned their kindness with such ill-concealed deception.

After the Guardian report on the controversy was published on February 13, 2013, exposing several major lies of hers with expert opinion and convincing argument, I thought Ping Fu should at least do something to clean up the mess, yet with NYT reporter Didi Tatlow's two articles, Ping Fu was lauded as some brave woman who dared to expose the atrocities of the Cultural Revolution while her critics are labeled as agents by the Chinese government trying to cover up the truth about the CR. That was way too far from the truth.

Ping Fu knew who her critics are, yet she apparently fed these lies to the American media by taking advantage of their eagerness to bash China. With her status as a public figure and her connections with media, she has now found an effective strategy to discredit her critics. In a sense, she is importing what the CPC government is good at into American society: manipulating media and attaching groundless labels to anyone who dares to expose her lies. At that point, I really became determined that I would fight Ping Fu till her lies are completely exposed and till her true colors are completely revealed.

This is America, a country where I believe honesty and integrity still matter, unlike China where public figures like Ping Fu could get away with whatever lies they tell to fool the public.

(to be continued)

Posted on Sep 15, 2013 11:03:40 PM PDT
Nancy Chen says:
Why is this effort important to you?

In the beginning, I simply felt obligated to tell the truth to unsuspecting Americans who are moved into tears by her fake stories since my family suffered in the Cultural Revolution, and I lived through the same period as Ping Fu, it was very easy for me to identify her fabrications. As many Holocaust scholars are on guard against fake Holocaust memoirs because these fake memoirs will tarnish the memory of real victims of the Holocaust, I felt the same way that as survivors of the Cultural Revolution are aging, what will be left to the later generations will be memoirs of the survivors and if these memoirs are fake, they ought to be exposed so as not to mislead later generations or cast doubts on genuine memoirs. I felt it particularly important to do so after I found her memoir was recommended by public libraries to young readers and heard that some college was considering it as a required reading. The Cultural Revolution was a catastrophe in Chinese history and caused millions of people to suffer untold misery. I simply could not bear the very thought that Ping Fu was fabricating her absurd stories at the expense of real victims for her personal gains.

My decision to post my review and later comments online to expose Ping Fu's lies not only shocked myself but also all my family members and friends. They all know me as a person who shows no interest in politics and would shy away from any public debate. In fact all my family members are law-abiding citizens and working professionals who prefer to live a quiet life. When my relatives in China heard I was writing comments online to expose Ping Fu's lies, their first reaction was why there was even such a need because all her lies are self-evident. I had to explain at length that the audience of Ping Fu's lies is American people, not mainland Chinese people; so they are easily fooled by Ping Fu. I reminded them of how trusting and kind-hearted American people are.

American people themselves may have never guessed what really impressed me when I came to America as an international student in 1987. China was a very poor and backward country at that time. Yet, what impressed me most was not the material wealth and modernity of this country but its honor system. I was amazed that a professor could leave his students doing a test in the classroom without checking on them; a basket of candies could be left at the door with a note "Please take one" without being stolen on Halloween night, and merchandise could be returned to a department store for a full refund with no questions asked. All these little things that Americans take for granted came as unforgettable surprises to me.

I fell in love with this country and kept telling my relatives how I have found a dream land where honest people trust each other, and are not scheming against each other for their own benefit. They listened to me as if I were telling them fairy tales, because any honor system in China was un-heard-of and would certainly never work. It is my indignation at Ping Fu for gaming this honor system in achieving her success that has prompted me to participate in this truth-seeking effort, especially after I read her statement that "Chinese international students had many ways of being able to stay in the United States. One of those was to fabricate bizarre tales of having faced persecution in China and apply for political asylum. It didn't matter how fantastic you made your experiences, Americans would still believe them to be true." Apparently, Ping Fu, unappreciative of American people's trust, has considered American people an easy prey. For me, this is a very despicable act that must be condemned.

I read Bend, Not Break carefully and made a list of all questionable descriptions or downright fabrications. I sent it to the Penguin Publisher and other relevant organizations along with my explanations why these are serious factual errors. I thought media people, in face of facts, would realize that Ping Fu's book should be better called fiction or at least they should give a follow-up report to set things right.

To my surprise, instead of fact-checking Ping Fu's claims against her critics' challenges to the claims, American mainstream media either remain silent or take sides with Ping Fu despite mounting evidence pointing to her fraud, probably either out of their political correctness or their ignorance of China issues. Although Professor Perry Link (referenced in the Guardian article), who calls Ping Fu a "charlatan," assured me that "Not many Western readers will be seriously misled by her nutty exaggerations and fabrications, especially after newspapers like the Guardian have exposed her," I could not share his optimism as I saw Ping Fu was paraded on various public scenes as a role model for inspiring immigrants, and her memoir was hailed as a fascinating rags-to-riches story despite the fact most of the elements in this rags-to-riches story are fabricated.

By this time, I have read many media reports and watched many TV interviews where Ping Fu invariably repeats her same old lies with a flawless frequency that came from years of practice. I became very concerned because she has become a living testimony of what Joseph Goebbels said: "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it." Yet, even with truth on our side, without mainstream media's objective coverage, our voices are either not heard or discredited. After all, we are now "nobody's" challenging a "somebody," to borrow the pair of terms Ping Fu loves to use.

Over the past few months, I have kept asking myself whether I should continue this truth-seeking effort or simply give up in this contest between the grassroots and the elite. Almost all my friends told me it was not worth my time to fight such a shameless liar, but I just could not give up my faith in American values and my faith in the fairness of Western media. It saddens me to see that the US media, by aiding Ping Fu in telling and perpetuating her blatant lies, are inadvertently aiding and abetting the Chinese Communist regime in discrediting American media and democracy.

If you can read Chinese in Chinese blogsphere around the world, you will see many negative comments on Ping Fu and her memoir are accompanied by ridicules on American press and government. She has virtually made America a laughing stock and made fools of all the TV hosts because her lies are self-evidently untrue to most Chinese people. Even some of her claims about 3D technologies are examples of absurdities.

I chose to come to the United States because I believe in the American way of life. I don't want to see Ping Fu and her cohorts succeed in manipulating the media to perpetuate her lies in the United States the way the Chinese government can manipulate the media in China to perpetuate their lies. The very goal of debunking Ping Fu's lies is to preserve the foundation of my faith in this American system which I have so far believed still works. My love for America and faith in American values and system are the only sustaining force that has kept me stay on the course to expose Ping Fu's lies because in the end, if Ping Fu succeeds in her manipulation of the American media, she will have accomplished the hardest job that the Chinese government has ever dreamed of accomplishing, the destruction of the Western media's credibility.

I have always believed American media are a trustworthy source of news and information and have recommended my relatives in China to read Western-sourced news to get the truth of what is happening in China. With Ping Fu continuing to lie and media continuing to endorse her lies, I would have nothing to refute the Chinese government's claim that Western media have their own political agenda and are not trustworthy. I am greatly disturbed that PBS, NPR, Forbes, NYT, and other local media seem all willing to risk their credibility for Ping Fu just because of the blatant lies she knows they would like to hear. Several truth seekers on Amazon have now expressed they will no longer believe what NYT or NPR says. In fact, one of the Americans told me he had long stopped believing NYT. Could it be that I am just too naive to believe Western media in the first place? I don't know, but the Ping Fu controversy is certainly an eye opener for me. Joe Nocera has definitely done a great job in discrediting NYT by his recent article "Cultural Revolution Vigilantes" which shows his utter lack of the knowledge of the Chinese history and lack of journalistic integrity.

At this moment, with new evidences surfacing from Suzhou University archives, UIUC and NSF archives, the controversy over Ping Fu's memoir has way passed the stage of exposing her fake stories in her memoir and has moved on to the exposure of her true character throughout her life. Her earlier resumes recently uncovered show she has been consistently using false information to gain unfair advantages over the past decades. Academic fraud, fabrication of work experiences, and copyright infringement are all serious issues that Americans won't tolerate. Honesty and integrity are universal values recognized in all countries around the world. America should not be an exception. How will your newspaper [name of the newspaper redacted] report on this will reflect whether integrity in this country still matters or not.

To me, honesty and integrity matter, that's the values I have been teaching my own children. I always tell them my husband and I came to this country on full scholarship as our parents couldn't even afford a plane ticket. We achieved our American dream via hard and honest work, and we want them to do the same. Ping Fu's success is built on her abuse of the honor system, which constitutes a foul play in the game of American dream by depriving honest people the opportunity of fair competition. If mainstream media continues to laud her as a role model in total disregard of her fraud, it will send a wrong message to the young generation that as long as you are successful, nobody cares how you achieve your success. In recent years, I have heard quite a growing number of high school seniors have fabricated inspirational life stories in writing their college essays. By endorsing Ping Fu's fraud, it will affirm this fraudulent practice and instill wrong values in the minds of young generation.

In February of this year, the German minister of education and research, Annette Schavan, resigned after the University of Düsseldorf revoked her doctoral degree based on an investigation prompted by an anonymous blogger's allegation about her plagiarism in her 1980 thesis. Compared with Ping Fu, Annette Schavan was a more prominent public figure and more successful in her career, yet her single act of academic fraud committed in even earlier years still brought her disgrace and cost her job. With the scope, magnitude, and duration of Ping Fu's academic fraud, her moral character is seriously compromised. Without mainstream media's truthful and objective coverage of the controversy over Ping Fu's memoir and subsequent discovery of her long-term fraud, Ping Fu may continue her fraudulent behavior with no remorse, emboldened with easy immunity. Is America willing to give up its values for political correctness for Ping Fu? Adam Minter at Bloomberg says "Ping Fu's book isn't worth Joe Nocera." Are Ping Fu's lies worth the loss of the credibility of American mainstream media? I strongly believe that in the end truth will prevail over falsehood, and those who fail to respect truth will lose the respect of the general public.

Respectfully yours,

Nancy Chen

P. S. I wish you could speak Chinese and then you would be able to interview those among hundreds of overseas Chinese survivors of the Cultural Revolution who are now spread all over the world. I read numerous comments written in Chinese from these people in January and February when Ping Fu's memoir was just released. As I write this email to you, I feel obligated to speak for them who cannot speak English. I want to tell you all these people want is the truth of the Cultural Revolution be told, and Ping Fu's fabrications desecrate the memory of their suffering in the Cultural Revolution. There is no political motivation behind all these Ping Fu critics in the United States, Britain, Australia, Canada, and the Netherlands, who are now settled down in their adopted countries. What they want is the due respect to the truth of a period of history that has become an inseparable part of their lives, not a travesty of truth in a memoir riddled with lies. I heard you have interviewed Ping Fu's sister and Uncle W., and I want to remind you not to forget those people I mentioned above. No book written about the CR available on Amazon has ever received so many negative reviews as Ping Fu's memoir. The reason is very simple. This memoir is full of lies. It is up to you to believe Ping Fu's sister or Uncle W. or hundreds of other people who signed the petition for the Penguin to stop selling the book as nonfiction.

Ping Fu's membership of the Communist Youth League reminds me of the recent news that Giovanni Palatucci, 'Italian Schindler' hailed as Holocaust hero, turned out to be Nazi collaborator.

Fake memoirs are nothing new, and Ping Fu is not the first one, nor will be the last one among those who turn out to be exactly the opposite of who they claim to be.

Posted on Sep 16, 2013 2:53:07 PM PDT
Sue says:
Here is my first email to an LA Times reporter:

Since received your email, I have been thinking about the question you raised: why this has upset people to the extent that it has? Since I write better than I speak English, I will try my best to put down in writing.

Here I try to list the reasons why this controversy upset people to its extent that it has.

1. Because lack of honesty and credibility, Ping Fu should not be advising our President.

I noticed the country of America is somewhat more dear to us new immigrants than to some of the people who were born here in America. If you never lived in a communist country, you probably don't realize how good America is. We were threw off balance when we heard that a person who fabricated so many stories plus used resumes with falsehoods (attached) to apply government funded job and grants is our President's adviser. We just can't stand it.

When I read some comments on Chinese websites that they laughed about the whole America, from average citizens to president, all can be fooled by one liar, that is good for China, that means it is closer for China to catch up and pass over America, I yelled at them: "America may not be perfect, but it is the best country on earth. American people may seem too trusting but they are smart enough to build a country that many people risk their lives to come". I love China, but I love America more, because I chose to live here, my children were born and live here, my grandchildren will be born and live here. I want to keep America a good or even better place for my children and grand-children. Yes, Ms. Ping Fu is successful, but she is lack of honesty and credibility. I do not like to see her to advise my President.

2. I am a true victim of Cultural Revolution, Ping Fu is not, she was a red guard, but she depicted herself as suffered more than I did.

Although my life during the Cultural Revolution was not as dramatic as Ping Fu's fabricated stories, I did suffer. My dad was claimed as a spy and a counter-revolutionist. He was detained for several months. My mom was asked to divorce my dad but she would not. My whole family was sent to a countryside. I was almost not allowed to go to high school. Ms. Ping Fu's fabrication of suffering is a insult to the people like me who really suffered.

But Ping Fu was a Red Guard herself. Suzhou (Soochow) University disclosed evidence which is very contradictory to Ms. Ping Fu's claims in her book Bend Not Break. The fifth attachment is the registration card that Ms. Ping Fu filled out herself, with her own handwriting.This card has Ms. Ping Fu's photo. She wrote that she
- joined the Communist Youth League in April, 1973,
- served as a class monitor in high school,
- graduated from high school in July, 1976,
- worked in Nanjing Radio Equipment Factory for 1 year, starting from Oct 13, 1977.

In the middle/high schools in China at that time, members of Communist Youth League were drawn from the Red Guards, so Ms. Ping Fu must be a Red Guard. The sixth attachment of this email is a photo that Ms. Ping Fu and other Red Guards were under a flag of "Red Guard Brigade" in Chinese characters. She did not suffer, we did. That made us angry. That is like a Nazi soldier claimed he suffered more than Jewish people, of course Jewish people would be upset.

3. The extent of Ping Fu's fabrications is too big.

All the following are contradictory to Ping Fu's Chinese memoir, resume, and history. Ping Fu's Chinese memoir and resumes agree with Suzhou University's statements.

*. Bizarre stories before and during the Cultural Revolution:

--- Lived a fabulous life, 13 courses dinner every day, right after 30 million people starved to death
and the whole nation was living on rations, even one had money would not have the ration to buy food at that time.
--- The mango source story is funny. (google "Mao Zhedong, mango" to find how rare mango was in China back then, let alone mango source).
--- Her grandfather was raised by the Father of China as his own son.
--- Being separated from two pairs of parents at 8.
--- Lived alone with younger sister for 5 years.
--- Being starved and publicly humiliated, but none of her photos show malnutrition.
--- Being beaten and gang-ra ped under broad daylight in a hot summer afternoon on a soccer field at NUAA in Nanjing. (But in her Chinese memoir Ping Fu talked about her se xy body, breast and small feet, and bought a thin long whip from a red light district.)
--- Teacher being quartered by 4 horses.
--- Worked full time from 8 to 18 years old without going to school.
--- Didn't see her own face for 10 years from 8 to 18 while she has several photos taken during that time.

*. Bizarre stories after the Cultural Revolution, still in China:

--- Being arrested twice on the campus of Suzhou University, both involved with the paramount Deng Xiaoping.
--- Being finger-checked for menstrual period for one-child policy in her college.
--- She saw many newborn girls being threw into rivers, lakes, garbage bins, or drainage.
--- Her thesis was picked by the China Daily which caused an international outcry and an UN sanction to China which China has the power to veto.
--- Being deported to American as a punish by Chinese Communist government.

*. Bizarre stories in America:

--- Only knew 3 English words when she arrived in America, while she took two years of college English in Suzhou University.
--- Only brought $80 to America while having a family banquet before she left China.
--- Being kidnapped the first day but no police record.
--- Didn't know fraction while taking calculus at UNM.
--- Served John Wayne while he passed away 5 years ago before Ping Fu arrived in America.
--- Sylvester Stallone grabbed her rear-end with his enormous right hand, but Stallone doesn't have enormous hands.
--- Claimed enrolled into graduate school at UNM while only did undergraduate study there.
--- Translated and published Mary Parsley's children book in China without copyright.
--- Gained green card by a sham marriage.
--- Claimed she was single at 30 years old while she was in her first marriage.
--- Dated her second husband Dr. Herbert while they both were married.
--- Using falsified resume to apply job at NCSA, which was funded by tax payers.
--- Using falsified resume to apply NSF grants, which is funded by tax payers.
--- Claimed she initiated and managed the Mosaic Browser project, actually she had nothing to do with it.
--- Published her Chinese memoir in 1996 which said a lot of bad things about Westerners.
--- Dr. Herbert used his own geometric algorithms to start Geomagic but she kept saying it was her own idea.
--- Used wrong date so to deny John Fields' contribution to Geomagic, so to claim it was she who achieved every thing for Geomagic.
--- Used fake stories as marketing strategies to attract business and investment.
--- Gave a lot of high-minded talking to sound "inspirational", while almost all stories in Bend Not Break are fake.
--- Lied to every one who interviewed her.
--- In every Internet profile of hers there are extra, untrue academic credentials and working experience.
--- Calling her critics names instead of answering their valid questions.

There are several problems with Ms. Ping Fu's resumes:

Resume problem 1: Fabrication of her educational background. Ms. Ping Fu claimed that she received a BA from Suzhou University in March, 1982. That is a lie. Here is what Ms. Ping Fu said during an interview in June, 2013:

[South China Morning Post: Your alma mater, Soochow University, has documents showing that you dropped out of school in March 1982 without earning a BA or MA. Nanking University has also said that you were not a graduate of theirs, nor did you earn a Ph.D there. What's your comment on this? Ping Fu: In the book I wrote exactly what the fact is: I don't have a degree from Suzhou [Soochow University], there is no contradiction. I have a MS and BA in the USA. On my social network sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, I only list my two US degrees, which are both in Computer Science. My understanding is that when other publications post my profile on their websites, they may run an automatic Internet search, which presents degrees from other people with the same name as mine, Ping Fu, and these peoples' degrees get attached to my name. I found many instances of this, even on very reputable sites such as those of Bloomberg Businessweek, the Wall Street Journal, and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). ]

In a different interview, Ms. Ping Fu gave a different explanation:
[About 10 years ago, our company's marketing department has a girl from Malaysia. I told her that I did not graduate from Suzhou University. So she wrote on our page "post graduate degree." Because she thought "post graduate degree" could also mean "non degree" besides "master's graduate student." We made corrections right away and it was not on our company web site. But recently when our company changed web site, a program that was automatically fetching files made it visible again. I did not discover it in time.]

But in her resumes, she listed a BA degree from Suzhou University.

Resume problem 2: Plagiarism. Ms. Ping Fu put the "Two minutes stories" into her resume as her own publication. Actually it is a translation of Mary Parsley's book without permission. Here is the original book on Amazon:
My Bedtime Book of Two-Minute Stories
Attachment 8 is the book that Ms. Ping Fu published from translation and sold 160,000 copies in China without permission, in violation of U.S. Copyrights law.

Resume problem 3: Fabrication of her work experience. Ms. Ping Fu claimed that she worked as a Lecturer at Nanjing Aeronautical Institute (now Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, NUAA) from 1982 to 1983, a period that she told Sir Evans and in her book Bend Not Break to be under house arrest while waiting to be deported because of her research of female infanticide. I don't believe Ms. Ping Fu was ever a lecturer at NUAA, as being a lecturer in a college in China requires at least a Bachelors degree. A neighbor of Ms. Ping Fu testified that she worked as a temporary worker at the library of NUAA after she withdrew from Suzhou University.

Resume problem 4: Misrepresenting her publications. Ms. Ping Fu was not the author of several publications which were listed on her resumes. Internal publications at Bell Labs are proprietary. They are not available to public and should not be listed on resume as publications. On the other hand, in her resume Ms. Ping Fu did not list her thesis on female infanticide which Ms. Ping Fu claimed in Bend Not Break and in many media that were published on newspapers in China, caused an international outcry and UN sanction to China. Here is what Ms. Ping Fu wrote in Bend Not Break:

[When I completed my thesis in the spring of 1982, I never imagined that anything would come of my work. Unbeknownst to me, someone in my department sent a copy of my thesis to the Chinese press. My findings wound up as the editor's comment in the Shanghai newspaper, which called for an end to the madness (p 255).]

After Suzhou University stated that Ms. Ping Fu never did such research and never submitted such thesis, in "Q and A with Ping Fu, author of `Bend not Break'" with South China Morning Post, Ms. Fu said:
[Yes, in chapter eight of my book I explained the incident, related to my research, and my demerits were due to absences from school. I did not have a chance to write the thesis. My research about birth control policy, which let to the observation of infanticide, never turned into a thesis because I left school.]

4. We are the witnesses. Ms. Ping Fu took advantage of American people don't know what happened in China during Cultural Revolution. We feel obligated to tell American people the truth.

5. Ms. Ping Fu and supporters attacked us, called us names such as Chinese government hirelings, Internet terrorists, cyberwarriors, hermaphrodite, Cultural Revolution Vigilantes.... Cindy Hao lost her part time job at NYT. In the past 6 months, several times I became tired of this saga and wanted to quit, then when some one came out to attack us, I regained energy to continue.

I just wish Ms. Ping Fu being discharged from being President Obama's adviser, and with Bend Not Break is categorized as fictitious memoir.

I have read both memoirs from Ms. Ping Fu, watched many of her videos. If I can be any service to you, please write or call me. Thank you so much for working on this controversy.

May God bless America, and truth prevail.

Sincerely Yours,
Sue Rogers

Posted on Sep 16, 2013 3:01:50 PM PDT
Last edited by the author on Sep 16, 2013 3:08:15 PM PDT
Sue says:
Dear ...,

I wanted to thank you many times for willing to spend the time to find out our side of story. I think part of our frustration is about the treatment we received from Harold Evans, Joe Nocera or alike.

I have been thinking the question you asked: Even without the fabrications, would Ms. Ping Fu still be as successful anyway?

I know Ms. Ping Fu is talented. She is very charming and made friends with every reporter who interviewed her. She had great presentation skills. She dresses nicely and speaks politely. She is very good with marketing. Her college mates at Suzhou University said she is also good at writing novels. My husband said all con artists are charming, but nevertheless being charming is a good thing.

I have to say Ms. Ping Fu is not very good academically. She dropped out from Suzhou University after 3 and half years, she dropped out from University of New Mexico after 2 years and 3 months. Finally after 10 years from 1978 to 1988, after going through 3 colleges, at 30 years old she finished her Bachelor's degree from UCSD.

Here is how Ms. Ping Fu did her computer programming homework at UCSD. In her own words: "Because I was bad at science, I have to be very good at leveraging my classmate -- Because they are so good, they are really great. So I was really good friend with many of my classmate(s). I'd buy them M&Ms, they'd have to write my codes for me."
-- Source: at about time 23:30 of this voice recording
(Somehow this link is empty now, but the interviewer Mr. Dick Gordon at American Public Media should have a copy of this recording.)
This audio is still available: at 23:47, Ms. Ping Fu said:
"Because I wasn't that good at programming, I also bought drinks and food for other students, and I often appraised their smartness..."

At the time when Ping Fu was working on her master thesis at UIUC, Dr. Herbert had just gotten divorced and was dating Ping. The subject of Ping's master thesis is in the field of Dr. Herbert's expertise. In the Acknowledgement of her thesis (attached), she wrote: "My most heartfelt thanks go to Herbert Edelsbrunner. His encouragement, advice and close reading of many drafts of the thesis have been invaluable." Next she spent a whole page to dedicate her thesis "To Herbert, who makes this and all things, possible." You can imagine that Dr. Herbert did a lot for Ping's thesis, and no staff member in the department would fail Ping since Dr. Herbert is a worldly well respected professor from Europe teaching at UIUC.

By the way, Dr. Herbert deserves more credit on his contribution to Geomagic since Geomagic's computer programs are based on Herbert's geometric algorithms. The first employee that Geomagic hired was Dr. Herbert's student. For a non computer professional, the word "algorithms" probably doesn't mean much. Let me explain this way: geometric algorithms to geometric computer programs is like medicine formulas to pharmaceutical companies. Without the medicine formula, it doesn't matter if a company is able to make pills, package them, and marketing them.
Here is a quote from the 2005 Inc. magazine:
"Edelsbrunner serves on Geomagic's board, and generates the mathematical theories driving the company's products, but is removed from day-to-day business."
At that time Ping and Dr. Herbert were married, so she gave him credit back then. On all the patents that have Ping Fu's name, Dr. Herbert is the first author. Now they are divorced, Ping just doesn't mention Herbert's contribution anymore. But the truth is, without Dr. Herbert's algorithms and patents, there would be no Geomagic.

I have to say Ping's technical level is low in software engineering. Here I'll give you 3 examples.

Example 1. On page 185 of Bend Not Break Ping wrote "I have never been good at spreadsheet. All those rows and numbers make me dizzy. Maybe it's because I did not go to normal schooling and so I never did memorize the multiplication table .....". But at that time Ms. Ping Fu had a BA and a MS in computer sciences already. She claimed she worked on database for Lane Sharman and in Bell Labs, isn't a database just like multiple spreadsheets? I can not imagine someone who has two degrees in computer sciences would make such incongruous statements.

Example 2. On page 94 of Bend Not Break, Ms. Ping Fu wrote "After I'd settled in, a supervisor handed me a binder the size of an encyclopedia. Thumbing through it revealed a precise and mind-numbing list of our tasks. I could have boiled the entire manual down to this: "Here's the input. Here is the output. Here is the description of what the software module should do. Now go program."" This just tells that Ms. Ping Fu doesn't know software engineering although she had a BA degree in computer sciences when she joined Bell Labs. For a large software, the work from "the input" to "the output" sometimes involves hundreds of software engineers' months or years of work. This binder defined the process of how to put many people's work together to produce a large software. When I was working at Bell Labs, my term also used this "a binder the size of an encyclopedia". We had visitors come from Japan and Taiwan just to study this binder.

Example 3. On page 94 - 95 of Bend Not Break: "I noticed that the data stored in our database was highly redundant and wasted precious computer memory, which was expensive at the time. For example, the area code, zip code, and city name would be repeated three time for each phone number. By designing intelligent relational database tables that reduced the repetition, we could enact significant memory savings and performance improvements. I proposed this project to my supervisor. He saw the merit in the idea and formed a group of people to work on it. Our team ended up saving $30 million for AT&T that year. The victory won our supervisor a promotion to department head."
Does Ping know how much computer memory that $30 million could buy even back in 1990? A lot! More than any project needed, way more! Comparing to software engineers' salaries, the cost of hardware is very small. It is not worth 20 engineers' time just to save computer memory. The reason for not having repeated data in a database is not to save memory, it is to keep data consistent. For example, if the price of an item is stored in multiple places, when the price is changed, multiple places have to be changed. If one is changed but the rest not, you can imagine it would cause serious trouble. Part of database design principle is not to have redundant/repeated data, but it is not for the purpose of saving memory.
In Ms. Ping Fu's Chinese memoir which was published in 1996, she said she would not do business. First because she didn't like to do business, second because she had many other choices in life. Without Dr. Herbert, would Ms. Ping Fu start a business in 1997? Could she ever be able to start a computer software company? Hard to say.

Without fabricated stories and revenue number, would Ms. Ping Fu be selected for the Inc's "Entrepreneur of Year" award in 2005? Without this award, could she get the same amount of attention, business and investment? In turn could Geomagic survive until being acquired in 2013? Again, hard to say.

What I can say is, Ping Fu married very well. From her first marriage (28 - 31 years old) she gained her green card, although in both of her memoirs she wrote that she was alone at 30 years old. From her second marriage (32 - 50 years old) she gained a company. Marrying well is great and it is every girl's dream, but fabricating stories to take advantage of people's kindness is just wrong. Using falsified resumes to apply for a government job or government funds is a crime.

My conclusion is, without fabricating stories, Ms. Ping Fu would achieve some, but not nearly as much. The honors she received through fabrication are not fair to the honest and hardworking American people including new immigrants. That is why I am willing to testify under oath.

By the way, I just read the following page, it is very insightful about a false resume:

We probably overwhelmed you with tons of information about this controversy. I won't write to you again until you need my service again. Thank you so...... much for spending your time on this controversy.

Best Regards,
Sue Rogers.

Posted on Sep 16, 2013 3:07:57 PM PDT
Sue says:
Dear ...,

This is a big change: Ping Fu accepted your interview last month, but today she declined an interview invitation by The State of Things. This is significant to me. Perhaps she has run out of excuses for all the inconsistencies among her Bend Not Break, her interviews, and her resumes. Perhaps she does not like to get the same treatment that Oprah gave to James Frey. I don't know, but I felt the wind have changed a little bit:
Update 8/6/2013 - Ping Fu Responds To On-Going Controversy
The State of Things invited Ping Fu to return to the show and discuss the controversy surrounding her memoir. She declined to do so saying, "After selling Geomagic to 3D Systems, I have transitioned from a private entrepreneur to an executive in a public company. I can not grant any interview without corporate approval."

Since you and I talked on the phone over 10 days ago, two more Ping Fu's resumes were surfaced. I attached all the 4 resumes that were found by the critics of Ping Fu. Every version of her resumes includes fabricated education credentials and working experience, and they conflict with each other. Here I list the fault-hood of each resume that I know of.

R1: 1991, to apply a job at National Center of Supercomputing Applications (NCSA)
- Ping Fu was not a TA at University of New Mexico. UNM searched their record and did not find Ping Fu was a TA there.
- Ping Fu never attended University of San Diego, how could she be a TA there?
- RA at UCSD is in question. I only heard graduate students do RA, never heard an undergraduate student did RA. (Waiting for UCSD's response to my FOIA.)
- Ping Fu did not receive BA degree from Suzhou University.
- Lecturer at Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics can not be true, as USAA is a semi-military college, Lecturer is a formal title in China which requires at least a Bachelor degree and formal approval process. Since Ping Fu did not graduate from college, impossible to be a Lecturer at a prestigious college NUAA. (Waiting for NUAA's response to my inquiry, but this is summer vacation time at NUAA so it is slow.)

R2: 1992, to apply grant from NSF (Award Number: 9200301).
- From April, 1991 - Aug, 1994, Ping Fu was a Visiting Research Programmer at NCSA, she was not a Senior Research Programmer. (Attachment 6 shows her working history at NCSA)
- Lecturer at Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics can not be true.
- Ping Fu did not receive BA degree from Suzhou University.

R3: 1997, to apply grant from NSF (Award Number: 9760985).
- Ping Fu's Technical Programming Manager position did not start from April, 1991. Actually this title was given to Ping Fu in 1996. (Attachment 6).
- It is impossible for Ping Fu to work as a Software Consultant at Resource Systems Group at San Diego starting in May 1985. UNM stated Ping Fu enrolled as a full time student at UNM from Jan 1984 - June 1986. In Bend Not Break, Ping Fu moved to San Diego in 1986 and met the owner of Resource Systems Group.
- Ping Fu did not receive BA degree from Suzhou University.

R4: 1999, to apply grant from NSF (Award Number: 9901627).
- Ping Fu's Technical Programming Manager position did not start from April, 1991. Actually this title was given to Ping Fu in 1996. (Attachment 6).
- It is impossible for Ping Fu to work as a Software Consultant at Resource Systems Group at San Diego starting in May 1984. UNM stated Ping Fu enrolled as a full time student from Jan 1984 - June 1986. Ping Fu arrived America in Jan, 1984 and enrolled in English as second language program at UNM.
- Ping Fu did not receive MA degree from Suzhou University.
The time of Ping Fu's working experience with Resource Systems Group changed as follows:
- In her 1992 resume R2: from July 1986 - June 1988
- In her 1997 resume R3: from May 1985 - June 1988
- In her 1999 resume R4: from May 1984 - June 1988
- In her 1991 resume R1: Ping Fu was doing TA at UNM, from 1985 - 1986 (she worked in two different states during same time while on student Visa.)

In Bend, Not Break, Ping Fu did not graduate with any degree from Suzhou University as the result of her thesis on "one child policy", which she said later she did not write.
Suzhou University published her school record showing that she withdrew from that school on March 16, 1982 without any degree earned.

Ping Fu has 4 versions of story regarding Suzhou University:
- In Bend Not Break, no degree from Suzhou University.
- On her 1991 resume R1, BA from Suzhou University, China in March, 1982.
- On her 1992 resume R2, BA from Suzhou University, China in March, 1982.
- On her 1997 resume R3, BA from Suzhou University, China in March, 1982.
- On her 1999 resume R4, MA from Suzhou University, China in March 1982.

I would also like to raise some questions on Ping Fu's profiles on the Internet. There are many of them. Here I provide two examples:
(Now it requires login to view this page. I recorded this profile back in Feb.)
Ping Fu
Ping Fu is Chief Executive Officer and a member of the Board of Geomagic. Before co-founding Geomagic, Ping Fu was Director of Visualization at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications, where she initiated and managed the NCSA Mosaic software project that led to Netscape and Internet Explorer. She has more than 20 years of software industry experience in database, networking, geometry processing, and computer graphics.
Ms. Fu has received numerous awards for her management achievements, including the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year for the Carolinas and worldwide "Fast 50" executive by Fast Company magazine. In 2005, she was named Entrepreneur of the Year by Inc. magazine, the leading publication for American entrepreneurs. She holds graduate and post-graduate degrees in computer science and Chinese literature, and is an adjunct professor at Duke University.
(Attachment 5)
Before starting Geomagic, Ping Fu was Director of Visualization at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications, where she initiated and managed the NCSA Mosaic software project that led to Netscape and Internet Explorer. She has more than 20 years of software industry experience in database, networking, geometry processing, and computer graphics. Ms. Fu is a respected thought leader and frequent keynote speaker at international conferences.

Ms. Fu has received numerous awards for her management achievements, including the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year for the Carolinas and worldwide "Fast 50" executive by Fast Company magazine. In 2005, she was named Entrepreneur of the Year by Inc. magazine, the leading publication for American entrepreneurs. She holds graduate and post-graduate degrees in computer science and Chinese literature, and is an adjunct professor at Duke University.
My questions are:
- In her resumes, Ping Fu never had a title of "Director of Visualization". Attachment 6 also never showed such a title.
- Besides her own words, no one, especially Marc Andreessen who developed Mosaic Browser, ever mentioned Ping Fu had anything to do with the Mosaic project.
- Ping Fu does not hold graduate and post-graduate degrees in Chinese literature.
- Ping Fu never worked at Duke University as an adjunct professor.

Amazon commenter Bing called Duke University regarding Ping Fu, they have a male Ping Fu at Duke:
Ping Fu, M.D.
Lab Research Analyst I
Anesthesiology-Basic Sciences
They also knew that the wife of Professor Herbert Edelsbrunner is Ping Fu, but she never taught at Duke.
Lee, I wish you call Duke University to verify this.

Regarding Ping Fu's "Fast 50" and "Entrepreneur of the Year" awards, if she did not inflate Geomagic's revenue, would she still receive them?
"Correction: This article overstated Geomagic's revenue for 2005. The source of the figure cited above, $30 million, was a member of the company's board of directors who was offering an opinion of Geomagic's long-term potential. Geomagic has declined to give an accurate revenue figure for 2005, but has acknowledged that it was significantly lower than the figure cited above. Also, the space shuttle that was evaluated using technology from Geomagic was the Discovery, not the space shuttle Challenger, as stated above. And lastly, the undergraduate degree Ping Fu earned in China was in literature, not English as a second language."

No, she doesn't have an undergraduate degree in literature either.

Ping Fu has been traveling around the world to tell her fabrications. I don't know if she ever learned the English words: lie, shame; honest, fair play.

Thank you very much for your time,


Posted on Sep 16, 2013 3:10:33 PM PDT
Sue says:
Dear ...,

Are you still working on a writing about the Ping Fu controversy? I am thinking to post the emails which I sent to you to the Internet. I will explain why.

I believe Ms. Ping Fu is selling her fake stories for profit. It is like some one selling fake drugs. I see people in 5 categories of different attitude toward a fake drug:

1. Some people help her to market the fake drug because they share the profit, even though they are completely aware this drug is fake. They choose to ignore the fact that selling a fake drug equals to stealing money out of people's pocket. (I can't change these people. Only lawsuit can stop them.)

2. Some media people endorse the drug because they like the outside package of the drug. Yes, Ms. Ping Fu packaged her fake stories with a lot of high-minded talking or praise of American dreams which sound very inspirational but I doubt if she believes them herself. (If I could, I would like to convince those reporters to do fact-checking before they speak so to avoid misguiding people.)

3. Some people buy the drug because they didn't know it is fake. They are usually good people. They are too trusting. Their money got stolen. (My effort is to inform the people in this category.)

4. Some people know the drug is fake, they don't buy the drug, they don't say anything. The American culture is: If you don't have any thing positive to say, don't say any thing. (That is why it took so many years for the Madoff scam to get disclosed to the public.)

5. Some people like me, we have evidence to prove this drug is fake and we insist telling people the truth. In Ping Fu's case, I am a victim of CR, her fake stories are insulting the people who truly suffered during CR. We risk being viewed as speaking negatively, risk our safety, to tell people the truth.

But I am worried about my safety. The people who sell fake drugs can be gangsters. They can harm me or my family. Sometimes I felt I should quit for safety reasons, but my conscious tells me that America should not be a place for some one to sell fake drugs.

I am sure by now most American reporters agree that Ping Fu lied, but why did only Adam Minter and Christine Tan dare to write against Ping Fu? Is it because they both live in China? How about the reporters who live in America? I am wondering if the reporters in America are also worried about their safety, or job security. Look what happened to Cindy Hao.

I am hoping to see your writing regarding this Ping Fu controversy soon, but if you are worried about your safety or job security, I understand. I don't wish what happened to Cindy Hao happens again to any other reporters. But if you are still not convinced that Ms. Ping Fu lied in her book, resumes, interviews, and speeches, I don't think I can do anything else to convince you. That is why I am thinking to post my emails which I sent to you on the Internet myself.

Sincerely Yours,
Sue Rogers

JFYI, "The Tao of Fu" which contains Ping Fu's false claims has been removed from the UIUC website after being informed about Ms. Ping Fu's resumes. If you still want to read the article, you can read it at:

Another JFYI, a week ago Ping Fu's profile at Bloomberg BusinessWeek was changed to:
[Ms. Ping Fu serves as Chief Strategy Officer of 3D Systems Corp. Ms. Fu co-founded Geomagic, Inc. in 1996 and served as its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. She served as the President of Geomagic, Inc. Ms. Fu has received numerous awards for her management achievements, including the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year for the Carolinas, worldwide "Fast 50" executive by Fast Company magazine, Entrebizneur of the Year by Business Leader magazine, and Triangle Business Journal's Women in Business, Class of 2005. In 2005, she was named Entrepreneur of the Year by Inc. magazine, the leading publication for American entrepreneurs.]
This is very different from what was there before:
[Ms. Ping Fu, Ph.D. Co-Founded Geomagic, Inc. and serves as its Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer. Ms. Fu served as President of Geomagic, Inc. She served as Director of Visualization and Technical Program Manager of the National Center for Supercomputing Applications, where she initiated and managed the NCSA Mosaic software project that led to Netscape and Internet Explorer. She has more than 20 years of software industry experience in database, networking, geometry processing, and computer graphics. She is an expert in 3D geometric modeling and visualization. She served as a technical lead for ISDN software development at AT&T Bell Laboratories. She served for Research Systems Group in San Diego, a start-up company that developed one of the first relational databases on UNIX operating systems. She is an adjunct professor at Duke University. Her achievements included initiating the well-publicized software NCSA Mosaic, managing the implementation of the Alpha Shapes™ software, and developing animation software used in the movie Terminator II. She is a respected thought leader and frequent keynote speaker at international conferences. Ms. Fu has received numerous awards for her management achievements, including the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year for the Carolinas, worldwide "Fast 50" executive by Fast Company magazine, Entrebizneur of the Year by Business Leader magazine, and Triangle Business Journal's Women in Business, Class of 2005. In 2005, she was named Entrepreneur of the Year by Inc. magazine, the leading publication for American entrepreneurs. Ms. Fu holds MS and BS degrees in computer science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She has PhD in Chinese literature from Nanjing University, China, and an MA in Chinese literature from Suzhou University, China.

MS University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign
BS University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign
PhD NanJing University
MA Suzhou University, China. ]

Posted on Sep 16, 2013 8:25:34 PM PDT
Last edited by the author on Sep 18, 2013 8:53:10 PM PDT
Seek Truth says:
Dear xxx:

When I first heard about Ping Fu - a CEO of Geomagic and an adviser to the President of the United States. I thought she was a role model. I went online watching Authors@Google series January 7, 2013 and WNYC, The Leonard Lopate Show, January 14, 2013 and PBS Tavis Smiley show January 30, 2013. I was shocked. When she was telling lies to these interviewers, her eyes did not even blink... what a skillful lair!

I was couple of years younger than Ping Fu during CR, like lots of other families, my family had suffered a lot too. My father was sent to the countryside as a doctor to treat farmers while my mother had a very poor health at home in the city cared by me and my younger sibling. I remember vividly that our home was searched by the Red Guards..... I speak out at Amazon because I have children who are not born in China. One day they will want to read about China, - a part of their heritage (Ms. Ping Fu dedicated her book to her daughter and her mother), will this be a book to read?, I believe that I have the social responsibility to speak out/write for those real victims of the CR who may not be able to speak for themselves, even though I was not a regular net user before.

When truth seekers are labeled as "mobs", "internet terrorists", "hired by the Chinese government or Communist Party" and "being paid 50 cents for every post". This is not about Ping Fu's memoir anymore. I cannot believe what was happening in America. Bashing China maybe politically correct in America/the West, it seems basic human honesty and decency have been lost... . After 6 months, reading so many online posts from so many Chinese overseas (like me), I still believe truth will prevail eventually.

If Ms. Ping Fu would give an open apology and admit she lied on some core issues like Finger Checking which never happened in Soozhou University, Infanticide (she saw 100 baby girls killed right in front her eyes) and withdraw her BnB or label it as friction, I would forgive her.

Ps: below is my previous online book reviews:

Feb 3, 2013
I have watched and listened Ms. Ping Fu's many video and radio interviews all day yesterday and found they are filled with lies. I will Not recommend to buy Ping Fu's book after I have read the first two Chapters. Because some of the lies are laughable and sickening at the same time, I can not bear to carry-on reading this book right now.
I love Oprah, but this time, Oprah and her team were fooled by Ping Fu's fabricated stories. I was couple years younger than her grew up at the very similar University Dorm (not labour camp). We were among the privileged people during CR that have a roof over our head with a kitchen complete with running water and a bathroom with sewer connections. It was almost free (we paid 10 yuan per month=US$1.50). Her cooked stories have reminded me some of Hollywood movies which is only catered to some Westerners. Ping Fu had said in one of her radio interviews that the conversations between Meimei Fox and herself were in fact in English. Would her book really be "Lost in Translation"?? She is mastering to Bend and Break the truth.

June 30, 2013:
I have read Ping Fu's Dec. 31, 2012 English memoir (Bend, not Break) and 1996 Chinese memoir Drifting Bottle. I believe if Meimei Fox had read Ping Fu's Chinese memoir prior to co-author BnB, she might not agree to paint Ping Fu as a CR victim. Because as a teenage during CR, Ping Fu joined the Communist League (which is Communist Party member in reserve) in 1973 as per Soozhou University's archive. How Hypocritical Ping Fu is!

Posted on Sep 17, 2013 1:39:12 PM PDT
Z. Wang says:
H. Chen, Nancy Chen, Sue Rogers, and Seek Truth,

Thanks for the efforts to reach out. I haven't visited the forum for a while. Has any journalist showed up here with questions? How many journalists seem to have serious interests in this? (It may be a good idea not to release the names of the journalists or newspapers.)

Posted on Sep 28, 2013 10:56:03 AM PDT
Sue says:
Liangfu Wu says:

(A post originally on

It has been almost 10 months since Bend, Not Break was published. So many fabrications and lies were exposed. Because of the size of the world, Ms. Ping Fu is able to continue her fabricated stories going in different reader communities. But, for those who can see through her book, debunking Ms. Fu's fabrications and lies is not a full-time job. Eventually, people have to go back to their daily life, which will give Ms. Fu more space to continue her stories. Her lies on her resumes submitted as part of federal grant applications, as of today, have not been addressed by Ms. Fu herself. Did Ms. Fu offer an answer to her true identity as a member of the Chinese Communist League? No. Because that membership would completely wipe out her entire dark childhood story.

We have a book, The Bent and Broken Truth: A Pathological Analysis of Ping Fu's Rags-to-Riches Stories, is coming up soon. Hopefully, this book will leave a place where people who are interested in learning the truth will find some closure.

Judging by Ms. Fu's words and actions in the past 10 months, it is very unlikely that she will apologize to her readers and those who believe her. However, eventually, she will have to answer to one person: herself.

Mostly and lastly, it is very surprising to me that 3D Systems is still sending Ms. Fu around and promote the company business.

Posted on Nov 23, 2013 6:01:45 PM PST
I think most American media realized that Ping Fu lied. Nowadays there is not much media coverage about her.

In reply to an earlier post on Jan 20, 2014 5:08:43 PM PST
A says:
The Bent and Broken Truth: A Pathological Analysis of Ping Fu's Rags-to-Riches Stories
One Author's Note (Dr. Liangfu Wu)

I can never get rid of those images in my head, the images of those dark nights in 1966.

Several months after the Cultural Revolution began, my father vanished. Working for the Civil Aviation Administration, he was stationed in another city and usually came home for weekends. One weekend, he did not come home. Several weeks later, some young colleagues of his, known as members of the Rebellion Faction ( Ôì ·´ ÅÉ), came to our home searching for something. They pried open the floor and punched holes in the walls.

Every night, we waited for those Rebellion Faction members to knock on our door. Every time I fell asleep, the loud knock came. It made me feel that if I stayed awake, nobody would come. I was twelve years old.

They always came at night. The night visit was intended to create fear among us. We learned three years later that they were searching for evidence to prove that my father planned to commit treason.

They told my mother that our father was in the custody of the revolution committee, but they would not tell us what had happened to him, where he was, or how he was.

Why was my father accused of treason?

My father, Zidan Wu, was a pilot during World War II. He flew with the American pilots over the Himalayan Mountains, along the most dangerous air route at that time¡ªknown as the Hump Route. Since the Japanese troops had sealed all the Pacific coastal ports, this Hump Route was the only way to get military supplies to China. My father survived a crash in 1942. However, many other American and Chinese pilots did not.

Because of his past association with the Americans, my father, along with many others who had similar backgrounds, was believed to have the potential to escape to Western countries simply because he knew how to fly an airplane.

That was treason!

What my family encountered during the Cultural Revolution only mirrored a small part of the tragedies that millions of other Chinese families suffered.

The Cultural Revolution ended thirty-seven years ago, and today, here comes Bend, Not Break: A Life in Two Worlds, a memoir authored by a successful Chinese American businesswoman. The memoir offers a theme of contrasts, in which Ms.Ping Fu tells her stories of a dark childhood during the Cultural Revolution and her journey to become a successful entrepreneur in the United States.

Unfortunately, Ms. Fu's memoir contains so many fabricated stories that the book is an easy target for criticism. Even though the ghostwriter's work was beautifully done, many Chinese American readers who went through the Cultural Revolution and witnessed its tragic history can see through the fabrications easily. But for most American readers who have little knowledge of that period in China's history, the author's smartly catered fabrications have actually become the book's major selling points. With my vivid, indelible memory of those dark nights of the Cultural Revolution, I too can easily see through the fabrications of Ms. Fu and her ghostwriter.

My father was brutally beaten by those Rebellion Faction members in the beginning of his captivity. Two years later, he was sent to a prison in Beijing, kept among common criminals without any formal sentence. With a label reading "Political Prisoner" on his back, he became a target for other prisoners' abuse and daily beatings.

In 1968, to gain full control over China's airspace, Mao Zedong ordered the Civil Aviation Administration placed under military control. This meant that China's aviation industry and the government-owned airlines became paramilitary units. In a way, Mao saved my father's life: he was then transferred to a military prison in Inner Mongolia. During the Cultural Revolution, the Chinese military was pretty much kept out of the political and social turmoil.

This firsthand knowledge allows me to tell you that the campus of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, where Ms. Fu grew up, could not have been run the way she described in her memoir. As part of the civil aviation industry under military control, that campus was relatively calm and peaceful.

Four years later, we learned that my father was still alive. When the news came, my mother almost fainted and fell. By the end of the Cultural Revolution, my father had spent six years in prison. As for me, I was sent at age sixteen to a remote mountain area to receive "reeducation" and to do hard farm work. I spent eight years of my youth there.

The Cultural Revolution was a very dark page in the book of human history.

Having carried such a dark and heavy history on my shoulders for many years, when I read Ms. Fu's memoir, I felt that those who truly suffered or perished during that dark age were being violated once again. I wonder how anyone can take advantage of human suffering for personal gain.

For most American readers, however, what is obviously untrue to me does not matter, as long as they enjoy the stories. Bend, Not Break has all the elements of the kind of story Americans love to believe and consider inspirational.

Yet, no fraud shall ever be allowed to masquerade as truth. I feel obligated to debunk the fabrications in Ms. Fu's memoir,

Later, as the whole world learned, Ms. Fu was actually a member of the Communist Youth League. This membership means that Ms. Fu was from a family that was politically privileged during the Cultural Revolution. This membership also means that Bend, Not Break may serve as a disguise for Ms. Fu to cover up her "red childhood."

This is why I, with many others, wanted to write this book. We wrote not to expose the fabrications in Ms. Fu's memoir but to preserve the memories of millions of true victims of the Cultural Revolution from being tarnished.

I wrote this book for my father!

Dr. Liangfu Wu
Downers Grove, Illinois
June 2013


Excerpt from:
The Bent and Broken Truth: A Pathological Analysis of Ping Fu's Rags-to-Riches Stories, a book by Dr. Liangfu Wu, Muriel Liu, Dr. Lanlan Wang, Jim M. Pu, and Jian Wang

Ms. Ping Fu, a former member of the Chinese Communist Youth League, portrays herself in her book, Bend, Not Break: A Life in Two Worlds, as a victim of the Chinese communist regime during the Cultural Revolution and fabricated her way to the White House. She lied on her applications for federal grant applications (yes, more than once) and made up rags-to-riches stories to move many Americans readers. With the protection of her public relation team and some American media, Ms. Ping Fu, as of today, continues her stories around the world. The book, The Bent and Broken Truth: A Pathological Analysis of Ping Fu's Rags-to-Riches Stories, peels off the seemingly glorious coat of a super survivor. To those who have read Bend, Not Break, this book should be an interesting read. It tells the truth behind Ms. Ping Fu's book.

The Bent and Broken Truth: A Pathological Analysis of Ping Fu's Rags-to-Riches Stories

The Bent and Broken Truth: A Pathological Analysis of Ping Fu's Rags-to-Riches Stories

About Authors

Liangfu Wu came to the United States from China in 1987. He earned his master of public administration degree from Iowa State University and his doctoral degree in political science from Northern Illinois University. Dr. Wu has served as the director of information services for a municipal government since 1998 and as adjunct faculty of the MPA program at Northern Illinois University since 1997. Dr. Wu has published a number of research papers and books in both the United States and China. His motivation to participate the present project was to speak for those who truly suffered during the Cultural Revolution.

Muriel Liu was born in Beijing and moved to California with her family when she was a teenager. Her bicultural background and interest in history and Asian American civil rights have led her to contribute to this project. Muriel received her bachelor of arts in statistics from the University of California, Davis. She now lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Lanlan Wang was born in China. She earned her master's and doctoral degrees in the United States. She currently teaches at the Central University of Finance and Economics in Beijing.

Jim M. Pu, born in China, earned his bachelor of material science degree in China. He then earned his master's of electrical engineering degree in the United States and is a certified supply chain management professional. As a descendant of Cultural Revolution victims, he wishes to stand up for the true victims from that dark period. He now lives with his family in California.

Jian Wang, born in China in the early 1960s, earned his bachelor's degree in the early 1980s and came to the United States in the early 1990s. He obtained master's degrees from reputable institutions in both China and the United States. He is a trained biologist now working as an information technology professional in California.
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