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i have a question about this sub, can i hook it up in my sound card ( creative sound blaster x-fi 5.1) to use it on my computer without the need of buying a av receiver? is this possible or i need the receiver?
I just bought the polk audio RM 6750 surround sound system. I am running a rx-v471 yamaha receiver. The system sounded great for about 1 week....just watching tv and all. I never had a chance to put on a movie and turn the system in an apt. Anyway I was going to watch a movie last night and noticed there was no bass. I looked at the sub and the light was off. I have tried everything but it won't work. Anyone know why the sub would go out and not function?? I did some research and it seems that other people are having problems like this with the sub....any info would be appreciated... thanks
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vikseh said on December 27, 2012   Report abuse
What does it have to do with Ricard A. question?
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