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Why are coffee grounds found in some cups of coffee? It can't be the brand of K-Cups because it happens with all the brands.
I shook my K Cup prior to brewing it... don't know why, but if there is a filter at the bottom of them that would explain why I got grounds in my cup. Perhaps people are shaking them without even thinking about it. I also get my K's from a web site called "stock buggy". They seem to have the lowest pricing and if you spend enough money you get a discount and free shipping.
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B. Cormier said on April 4, 2013   Report abuse
Actually it's suggested that you DO shake the cup as the grounds can get packed after being left on the shelf for so long and a shake will loosen everything up so that you get a better brew. If the filter inside is properly attached, shaking it should not matter at all.
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