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I'm new to vinyl and bought this turntable as a surprise for a friend. I was wondering if the Sony SS-B1000 5 1/8-Inch Bookshelf Speakers (Pair) would work with this? And if all I would need to get it to work would be the speakers since the turntable has a pre-amp? Thank you for any advice/help you can give!
Hi! This turntable is part of what would be called a "component" system. You need to have a "stereo" receiver or some kind of amplifier between the turntable and speakers for everything to work. The turntable doesn't put out "enough power" to power the speakers. Turntables don't always include a "phono preamplifier" which this one happens to include built in so you'd be set. So you need to buy a "stereo receiver" or amplifier with built in "phono preamp" capability, hook up the turntable to that, then hook up the "receiver" or "amplifier" to the speakers. There is a slick little amplifier "Lepai Tripath TA2020 Class-T Hi-Fi Audio Amplifier" for $22 bucks on Amazon which would work very very well here, around $28 total with shipping. If you look around you tube and at all the reviews for this little amp, this might be the cheapest yet very good way to go to work with the speakers. Also, there is another route-- There are "self powered" or "active" speakers which have amplifiers built in. You could hook the turntable directly up to those. Your Sony's are "passive" speakers meaning they don't have built in amplification. Whew! Hope this helps you!
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David P. Snow said on January 11, 2013   Report abuse
Hey Elton, could you reccomend a speaker pair, budget friendly
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