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Why my Griddler plates are loosing their coating even thou I have washed them with water and a small amount of mild soap using a very soft cloth and
Its not cheap construction but rather the nature of any coating. Nonstick coatings typically can handle about 450 degrees before it can degrade them. Also the coating is a layer on top of the metal and the metal expand and contracts with heat and will eventually break down the coating over use. It does not matter where its made. Oiling the plates makes no difference though the paper towels will help with abrasions.

The fact is that devices like this have been made in China for years and its not the quality of the construction but rather a problem with all nonstick coating.
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Katybug said on September 8, 2013   Report abuse
No China is not the problem. Manufacturers need to quit putting that useless nonstick coating on everything. Just keep the plates bare. Everybody adds some kind fat anyway.
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