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does this camera take decent action shots?
I have two children under five-years-old and they do not sit still. I can get great shots of them running and moving with both the Full Auto mode and the Action mode.
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MICHAEL A HUET said on December 2, 2012   Report abuse
Thanks for the help!
T. Rose said on December 2, 2012   Report abuse
No problem. Good action shots are a priority!
Strikerstz said on December 13, 2012   Report abuse
great, thanks
LyndsayC said on December 16, 2012   Report abuse
I'd like to see more comments on this from users. I have never owned anything more sophisticated than a point and click camera. I have a 14 mo old and I can't get any good shots because that boy can move! His facial expressions change second by second! I just read something about this camera ONLY having 3 frames per second so it isn't good on action shots, but maybe that was for someone capturing more than just fast children? Jets maybe? I was ready to buy this camera and now I'm unsure. I need more information! Thank you!
T. Rose said on December 16, 2012   Report abuse
I seem to get good shots on my fast moving children. My prior camera was the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ47 (which was my third of this series) and it was really fast and images were great in action mode. This isn't as fast, but the image quality is better and it seems fast enough. I recommend the Lumix Superzooms if you want fast without the cost of a DSLR.
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