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do roku have a browser if not what can i buy that have an browser
A web browser would help to get current year epiosdes of network TV as well as the local news. If I could get that fully operational, why would I need cable at all. $90 is better in my pocket than theri pocket. I need access to current year shows, local news and sports,
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P. Tyler said on December 15, 2012   Report abuse
Exactly, and 9 months later I am still wanting that flexibility. I would have ordered 5 Roku's for X-mas if it had that functionality.
Allen M. Eavy said on February 14, 2013   Report abuse
RQight on William! I have two Roku's and bought them in the hopes that Roku would come out with a browser. I suppose that I could hock them and connect a computer to all of my TV's just for the purpose of having a browser that would get me what I need in the way of programming.
Scott Mathison said on March 14, 2013   Report abuse
If you want a browser try a Google TV unit, but be wary that the weak processors on all of these units just doesn't make browsing a pleasurable experience. Until they get some high end processors in these boxes browsing will be poor at best and watching video while browsing will be even worse.
Andreew D. Kopac said on December 9, 2013   Report abuse
What you need is a Plex server on a laptop in the back room to download seasons of your favorites too and info as well. Then access them through Roku's Plex app.
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