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just got me roku 2 xds in today and hooked it up. it see's my router and fully connects through to the internet. says i need to update my software before continuing with setup. it makes it to 97% everytime then tells me it cant connect to roku, try again later code 011. called up tech support which is in india somewhere like normal and got to talk with "donald". Nice guy but didnt know a thing. he took me through all his paperwork he had in front of him and none of it worked. He wanted to conference in amazon and return the product but i told him i was willing to wait a day to see if trying again later would actually work. Anyone else have this problem?
to everyone have trouble connecting to wireless internet with your roku 2 xds.......instead of entering your password for internet, find you network setup folder, you will than find the internet setup key that windows has assigned to you internet...

such as..first...make sure you have first signed up on roku's website, enter a password, ect. so roku will recognize you when you set up your roku 2 xd... this connection for a wireless network should work for any roku that uses a wireless connection!!

find your assigned windows network key! punch it into roku and your all set! never mind any other passwords ect...

for more instructions...follow the outlined plan below....i found this to work wonderfully, and your roku will act like a modem and not* disconnect. make sure you are able to change tv/vcr to other channels (like when playing video games) and you will have no problem) i have had none!!

this is for setting up a wireless network on your roku using your assigned computer network key. (this is for windows 7) , but should work if you can find the same info for your wireless network. (if you have a saved wireless network setup file that you used to setup your home's wireless network,(for all computers in the home network) take a look at the file on you computer. find the "windows assigned network key that it assigned to "all" your computers on the shared network....enter "that same key" into the roku box when it asks you for a password, and you will have it made!! roku will start updating, and when done, you got it.!!

to set up your wireless roku internet,
click: on programs...
click: on your network folder....
click:next on your name you gave for your network folder, like "jim network.
click: next on users folder if you have setup a home network that you share, or just your network folder if you don't share.
click: next on the "smrtntky network folder (has your network setup info).
click: on folder named "wsettings txt. this is were the info is.
next, here is were you find the info you need...this is a wordpad setup document which will show first the name of your wireless network and its settings.
you will see the name of your network, with the modem or device used for your wireless network connection.
**most important," is the network key: such as (wep/wpa key): this here is the key windows assigns your network. you have the same number for all your computers to use the wireless network. and when setting up the roku, when it asks for the password, punch in this "network key" you have in your folder, ,,you may find... 45g9d8d25766fcc9ddab in the windows internet key, use this!! your roku really is just a wireless modem! it will now function like a wireless modem and you can use at any time, even when other computers are not on, (your modem is always on)
after you type it in, the roku (which is like a wireless modem will find the wireless network and connect to it.
roku will than spend the next 15 minutes or so updating its information. than "happy day,,!!! roku time! enjoy watching all the movies you want!!

i figured out this setting when roku's help people made no sense and was telling me i was going to have to call my wireless modems manufacturer, and ask them to :change my settings" since it had updated and i could not access the webpage you usually find for a this case...i have a motorola surfboard modem,.... my main computer is fixed to a cable/ethernet connection....and i am connected on a laptop useing my wireless connection.
all computers share the same network key, that is all you need to put into the roku 2 wireless/ or ethernet connected...(.i used the wireless connection on roku with the network key punched in for password)
don't be afraid to try! it works, if you find and use the right key, and it never goes out! not once have i had a problem. solid connection!

good luck everyone,,,if you need help, just send me a message.

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LoveisDanswer said on June 24, 2012   Report abuse
would this help if u have a Roku HD?
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