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We have to watch Walking Dead (AMC)
This is what you need to be able to stream Walking Dead from Amazon and not have to watch it on your laptop! If you do not yet have a Roku 2 XD streaming player, you can get one for free by contacting Dish Network (I'm guessing you are a Dish subscriber who has lost their AMC) and they will have Roku send one out to you completely for free. They are sending brand new (not refurbished) Roku 2 XD streaming player 1080ps, and once you have it, you can call and ask for credits for all the shows you want to buy from Amazon that you will stream on your Roku. They will credit you $35 per CURRENT season (not the old ones) of all their shows. So far, I've received credits for Mad Men, The Killing, Breaking Bad, Hell on Wheels, and The Walking Dead! So take advantage of Dish's giveaway! It's good business for Amazon (since the Roku 2 comes directly from Amazon) and you're getting the credits to cover the shows you want to stream thru Amazon too!

If you aren't a Dish subscriber, I still recommend using Roku above streaming the show on your laptop or desktop. I always end up with a super sore neck when I stream my shows that way.
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A Lane said on September 25, 2012   Report abuse
Thank you so much for your help!!!
James P. Goldsmith said on June 3, 2013   Report abuse
thank you!
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