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What is the maximum charge capacity of this device? I have 16 4900mAh. Can I use them with this device?
There's no such thing as a 4900mah AA battery.
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William G. Canaday said on November 8, 2012   Report abuse
Eileen ... I'm not so certain of that: and and

I hadn't heard of them before, either ... but when I went fact-checking, I found several sites claiming to offer them for sale.
So I would advise S. Choi to search for a matching charger, such as this one:

I just bought a Steripen from Amazon. If I had any way of being sure that these higher capacity batteries would hold their charge in storage and not harm the Steripen in use, I'd load up on them ... they are rated for nearly twice the mAH that Steripen suggests for their Emergency sterilizer. If that translated out to twice the usable life per charge, that would be a good thing. My solar recharger wouldn't bring them back to that level but it would be nice to have extra time before charging became necessary. This is for a BOB and life might be back to (sort-of) normal before these batteries needed a recharge.
William G. Canaday said on November 8, 2012   Report abuse
Sorry, somehow got my wires crossed. Here are some 4900 mAh AA batteries. Google is your friend.
William G. Canaday said on November 8, 2012   Report abuse
James David Hall III said on September 26, 2013   Report abuse
I think it would have been better for you to state the maximum mAh power this could charge rather than inform the asker that he had no such batteries.
Russell D. Humphress said on January 4, 2014   Report abuse
Regardless of those links, I'd be extremely skeptical of a rechargeable AA battery with a claimed rating of 4900 mAh, since that's nearly twice what the best rechargeables on the market are rated at (2500mAh Sanyo Eneloop XX )
Just because their marketing department says they're 4900mAh doesn't make it so.
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