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Do you miss having the number key pad?
I do not miss it. I don't like the number pad on laptops because they don't have the same alignment as number pads on regular keyboards. Also when numlocks is pressed to use the keypad, it has to be disengaged if you type letters that correspond to the numbers. I think it is easier to get a separate USB keypad that has the correct alignment and does not require the numlocks to be engaged.

I bought this system as a refurbish for my son and he has had no problems with it. I upgraded the memory to 8GB and replaced the hard drive with a Seagate Momentus hybrid drive. Since this system was not meant to crunch numbers or play graphics intense games, the upgrades makes the system very perky! Since it was a refurbished, I opted to get the extended warrantee.
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Mary Mary said on October 3, 2012   Report abuse
Thank you for your answer. I also find the number pads on keyboards more bother than they are worth for the same reason you gave plus they are backwards from an "adding machine" alignment. I almost always use the numbers on the regular keyboard as I began learning typing on a manual typewriter in the 60's where the numbers were at the top and am quite efficient at it. Just wondered if I would miss the number pad if I didn't have it. Your comment is most helpful to me and I thank you very much.
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