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Hello! Could you please describe more details about this item? Such as, is it completely working well? How about the len condition and warranty? THX
This is my first dslr, definitely wanted a canon EOS, just didn't know whether to get the T3i or T4i.
After doing weeks of comparisons, and realizing I could get the touch screen T4i at about the same as the T3i during an after-xmas sale, I made the purchase.
This is a lot of camera for a first time dslr person, who is intent of being 'auto-free' when shooting pix.
I love the possibilities of this camera and amazed at the technology available to me to create artistic photos and not just run-of-the-mill pictures. For those that do want the auto features, this camera will do it all. The touch screen LCD is an added bonus.
As for the lens, it's a pretty good kit-type lens, not a lot of fluctuation in quality between f-stops.
It's something that will work for me til I become the dslr master I want to be. I will then add highe quality lenses to my bag of tricks. Battery power is very long, no complaints. Have not had the camera long, so no warranty issues. This camera is feature packed, whether in creative mode or auto mode, and makes it easy for beginners and experts alike to create some pretty special memories. I love this camera!
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