Same-Day Delivery Rates

Same-Day Delivery rates are different for Prime members and non-Prime customers and are outlined on this page.

Prime members pay a flat-rate of $5.99 per order (or shipment). For additional information about shipping upgrades for Prime members, go to Amazon Prime Shipping Benefits.

For a limited time, Prime members shipping to certain zip codes in Phoenix can get FREE Same-Day Delivery on eligible orders. For more information, go to Order with Prime FREE Same-Day Delivery.

If you are a non-Prime customer, your total shipping cost is calculated by adding the "Per Shipment" cost and the "Per Item" cost.

Note: If the order is placed after the deadline listed in Same-Day Delivery Ordering Deadlines, your order will be delivered the next business day. Same-Day Delivery rates for items sold and shipped by marketplace sellers are set by the seller and may vary from the rates posted here.

Product Category Per Shipment Per Item
Gift Cards $3.99 $0.00
All other items - Prime customers $5.99 $0.00
All other items - non-Prime customers* $8.99 $0.99
Any combination of the above items Highest applicable per-shipment charge As above

Note: Same-Day Delivery used to be called "Local Express Delivery".

* Or $9.98 for the first item and $.99 for each additional item.

For more information and to shop for eligible items, please go to ( Full Site).