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Troubleshooting Amazon Silk on Kindle Fire 1st Generation

Silk Web Browser Won't Open

Symptom Resolution
The Amazon Silk web browser won't launch on my device.

Turn off Parental Controls.

If the word Web is grayed out on the Home screen of your Kindle Fire, Parental Controls may be enabled, restricting access to the Silk web browser. To turn off Parental Controls, tap the Quick Settings icon, then More, then Parental Controls. Slide the switch next to Parental Controls to the off position; you'll be prompted to enter your password.

Clear app data to resolve issues.

If you're having issues launching the Amazon Silk web browser unrelated to Parental Controls, first, try restarting your device. Press and hold the power button for 20 seconds and then release. After your Kindle Fire has completely turned off, plug it in using the power adapter, then press the power button again.

From the Home screen, tap the Quick Settings icon, then More, then Applications. Use the filter at the top of the screen to sort by All Applications. Tap Browser, then tap the Clear Data button.

If you're still having problems, try deregistering your Kindle Fire, then registering the device again. Tap the Quick Settings icon, then More, then My Account. Tap the Deregister button. Tap the Deregister button again to confirm, then the Register button and follow the onscreen instructions to register your device using your Amazon account email and password.

Download Issues

Symptom Resolution
I can't find the content I downloaded using Amazon Silk.

When you select a file to download, a notification will appear in the status bar. You can pull down the status bar to check the download progress of the file. Once the download has completed, tap to open it.

You can revisit your downloads by tapping Menu from the options bar at the bottom of the screen while browsing, then select “Downloads." You can also delete downloads from this screen.

Additionally, you can access your downloads through the Gallery app. Tap the Gallery app icon from the Apps screen. Tap Downloads to view images and videos you downloaded using the Amazon Silk web browser. Use the scroll bar to scroll through your files.

Problems with a Website

Symptom Resolution
Hulu videos won't play on my Kindle Fire.

Currently, is not compatible with the Android platform. As a result, video clips on this site are not viewable on the Kindle Fire. However, Hulu and Amazon recently announced the availability of the Hulu Plus application for the Kindle Fire. You can refer to Amazon Appstore for more details on this application.

I want to change how a website is displayed.

To change the default view settings, tap the Menu button at the bottom of the screen, then tap Settings. Tap Desktop or mobile view.

Select whether you'd like Amazon Silk to automatically optimize how each website is viewed, to optimize for desktop view, or to optimize for mobile view.

I'm being asked to install Adobe Flash Player when viewing a website.

Flash is supported on Amazon Silk, but is disabled by default. If you see a message to install Flash while using your Kindle Fire, this means that the content you are attempting to view is a Flash file. If you would like to open the file, you will need to enable Flash through your Silk Settings menu.

  1. With the Amazon Silk web browser open, tap the menu icon at the bottom of the screen, then tap Settings.
  2. Tap the arrow next to Enable Flash and select your preferred behavior: "Always on," "On demand," or "Off."

Problems with Amazon Silk Features

Symptom Resolution
How do I look at more than one website at once?

Tap the plus symbol to open multiple tabs and quickly switch between by tapping the title of the tab. When you have more than four tabs open, swipe your finger to the left or the right on the tabs heading to scroll through the different tabs.

To follow a link without navigating away from the page you are viewing, tap and hold the link and select “Open in new tab."

To close a tab, tap the “x" in the right corner of the tab. Tap and hold on a tab for more options.

Why can't I view a web page in Reading View?

Not all web pages are compatible with Reading View; the reading glasses icon will not be displayed in the Options bar.

If the reading glasses icon is displayed but you are unable to view the page in Reading View, try force stopping the Amazon Silk web browser.

To force stop the browser, first tap the Quick Settings icon at the top of the screen. Tap the More icon and select Applications. Make sure the filter is set to All Applications and select Browser. Tap the Force Stop button.

Next, return to the Home screen and tap Web to launch the Amazon Silk web browser again. Reopen the web page and try tapping the Reading View icon. If the reading glasses icon is visible but you still can’t open the page in Reading View, you can reach Kindle Customer Support by chat or phone directly and toll free from many countries by visiting our Kindle Support pages at
I am a site owner and have a question or concern about how the Reading View feature in Silk works with my site. How do I get my issue addressed?

Click here to contact the Silk team regarding any issues with Reading View.