Enroll in the Amazon Tax Exemption Program (ATEP)

In order to establish and maintain your ATEP enrollment, provide us with a valid tax exemption certificate for the state(s) where you're located.

You must maintain a current certificate, in accordance with the state laws and our Terms & Conditions (Amazon.com Full Site).

Need to enroll in ATEP?

Important: In order to comply with state and local tax laws, we require that you submit the specific tax exemption document(s) for each applicable state, when claiming sales tax exemption.
To enroll in the Amazon Tax Exemption Program:
  1. Go to Amazon Tax Exemption Program in (Amazon.com Full Site) Your Account.
  2. To find your tax exemption certificates, click Browse..., and then click Upload.
    Important: The file size of your document must not exceed 4MB. We accept .pdf, .jpg, .gif, .png, .doc and .docx file formats. Please make sure you've not exceeded the file size and are using the correct file type.
    Our Customer Service team will review your documentation within 24 hours. If we need additional information or documentation in order to process your exemption documents, our Customer Service team will contact you by e-mail.
When you have completed the process you will see a message "You've successfully uploaded your tax exemption information."


  • If it's been 24 hours and your ATEP enrollment status isn't activated, please contact Customer Service at auto-exempt@amazon.com and they will be glad to assist you.
  • Amazon.com will not issue a new Tax Exempt ID number to you.