Enroll in the Amazon Tax Exemption Program (ATEP)

With the Amazon Tax Exemption Program (ATEP), you may be eligible to use your tax exempt status for future purchases from Amazon.com LLC, Amazon Digital Services, Inc., Warehouse Deals, Inc., Amazon Services LLC, or other participating sellers.

Important: To enroll in ATEP, please provide us with the valid tax exemption document(s) for each applicable state. You’ll also need to maintain a current certificate in accordance with state laws and our Terms & Conditions. For more information, go to Tax Exempt Documentation.

Using our online Tax Exemption tool, you have two options for providing your state tax exemption certificate:

  • Amazon Creates the Forms: For most states, we are able to create your forms for you with our online tool. The tool allows you to create and activate state tax exemption documentation using the Tax Exempt interview process. Once you select “Activate Certificates”, your status will be activated within approximately 15 minutes. If it's been 24 hours and your ATEP enrollment status isn't activated, please contact customer service at auto-exempt@amazon.com.
  • Upload Documentation: Some states require that you upload your tax exemption certificate. Once you upload your certificate, we’ll review the documentation provided within 24 hours. If we need additional information or documentation in order to process your exemption documents, our customer service team will contact you by e-mail.

Note: Some states require a state-issued ID number. This number can be located on your sales tax license/permit, certificate of exempt status, or on your state sales tax return.

Even though you are registered in the Amazon Tax Exemption Program, sales tax may still be charged on items you order from any seller who lists products for sale via the Amazon.com website. Purchasers have the ability to opt out of tax exemption for a specific item in the single page checkout.

To modify information, you can access the Amazon Tax Exemption Program from Your Account by selecting "Amazon Tax Exemption Program" in the Settings section. You can re-enter the online interview to make modifications or edit a certificate.

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