Free Shipping

How do I take advantage of Free Shipping?

  1. Proceed to checkout with at least $35 of eligible items in your Shopping Cart. (Eligible items will say "eligible for FREE Shipping" next to the price)
  2. Ship your items to a single U.S. address.
  3. Select Free Shipping as your shipping speed.
  4. Place your order, and enjoy the free shipping!

Your order will be delivered within 5-8 business days.

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Free Trial of Amazon Prime

How do I get FREE Two-Day Shipping?

  1. Place items in your Shopping Cart by clicking "Add to Cart with FREE Two-Day Shipping."
  2. Proceed to checkout.
  3. Click "Start my Free Trial."

You can also start a free trial of Amazon Prime from the checkout page by selecting "FREE Two-Day Shipping" as your shipping speed.

Note: Your credit card won't be charged for Amazon Prime when you start your free trial or if you cancel during the trial period. If you're happy with Amazon Prime, do nothing, and at the end of the free trial, your membership will automatically upgrade to a full year for $79.

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