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Categories and Products Requiring Approval

Categories Requiring Approval | Products Requiring Approval | Restricted Products

Categories Requiring Approval

Sellers are required to obtain approval from Amazon before listing in certain product categories.

Listed in the table below are the categories that currently require approval. You may apply to sell in one of these categories by submitting an application to Amazon:
  • If you do not have a Selling on Amazon account, please submit your request using the Amazon Services Contact Us form.
  • If you already have a Selling on Amazon account, click the link next to the category name (account login required) and follow the instructions to submit your application.
Automotive & Powersports
View requirements
Clothing & Accessories
Apply to sell
Collectible Books
View requirements
Entertainment Collectibles
View requirements
Fine Art
View requirements
Industrial & Scientific
View requirements
We are currently not reviewing new seller applications to list products for sale in the Jewelry category. Learn more
Luggage & Travel Accessories
Apply to sell
Major Appliances
Apply to sell
Sexual Wellness
Apply to Sell
Shoes, Handbags & Sunglasses
Apply to sell
Sports Collectibles
View requirements
Textbook Rentals
We are currently not accepting new seller applications to list products in the Textbook Rentals category.
Apply to sell
View requirements

Products Requiring Approval

Even if selling in a category does not require approval from Amazon, selling certain products may require approval.

To submit a request to sell specific products in the Software category, contact Amazon Services.

Other than Software, other categories are not currently accepting new requests to sell certain products that require approval from Amazon.

To submit a request to sell laser pointers and related products in any category, see Laser Pointers and Related Products.

To submit a request to sell Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging products in any category, see Frustration-Free Packaging Help.

Restricted Products

Certain products may not be listed at all on Learn more in our Restricted Products and Selling Policies Help.

Please note: Sellers must list products in the appropriate product categories. The Everything Else category is available to all sellers primarily for collectibles, such as coins and stamps, and other products that do not clearly belong in other categories. Do not list a product in the Everything Else category if the product matches an existing product page, belongs in a category that requires approval, or is restricted or prohibited.

Before you submit a request

Before you submit a request, review the following guidelines:
  • A UPC or EAN is required to list items in most Amazon categories, particularly if you are selling items from major brands. If you do not have UPCs for your products, you may want to consider using Amazon Product Ads. Learn more.
  • Used items cannot be sold in certain categories. Refer to the Condition Guidelines Help page for category-specific condition guidelines.
  • For consistency, all Amazon product pages must include professionally staged images on white backgrounds. You may be required to provide image samples or links to product images on your own website when requesting approval to sell on Amazon.
When submitting a request, provide specific information about the products you propose to list. If possible, also provide a link to your company website.
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