Create a So You'd Like to... Guide

Create a So You'd Like to… guide to share your advice, experiences, and product recommendations with others.

To create a So You'd Like To... guide:
  1. Go to So You'd Like to...
  2. Enter your content and use insert a product link whenever you'd like to refer to one of the products in our catalog. This will activate a search box that makes products easy to find.
  3. Once you're done creating your guide, click Save and continue.
  4. If everything looks the way you want, click Publish.


  • Whatever you select as the first three ASINs/ISBNs of your guide will become the featured items that appear at the top of your published guide.
  • You must include at least three ASINs or ISBNs in a So You'd Like to... guide, and can include a maximum of 50.
  • So You'd Like to... guide are subject to the Profile & Community Guidelines.

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