Returning Items You Didn't Order

If you received an extra item in a shipment, or items were delivered to you (or to your home) that you didn't order, please let us know. If you live in the U.S. we'll mail you a postage-paid return mailing label for their return.

At your earliest convenience, e-mail us and let us know:

  • the item(s) you incorrectly received,
  • your name,
  • your mailing address,
  • and the routing information from the address label on the outside of the package.

To find the routing information, look for a long string of letters and numbers separated by slashes that looks like this:


What we need is the combination of letters and numbers that appears just before the first slash (for example, in this case, it would be "DNrgPDpnR"). Here's where to look on your label:

Image demonstrating where routing information appears on the shipping label

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